1. W

    download facebook video,upload to youtube

    is there a free and easy way to get a facebook created video uploaded to my youtube channel? thank you
  2. Hirudov

    What is the highest number of likes, without a dislike you have on a video?

    Usually I get few "fans" who automatically dislike almost every new video, but for one video seems they somehow missed it and the video is now with 156 likes and 0 dislikes (I was thinking it is impossible to have higher than 90%/10% like/dislike ratio), but now with 100% likes it is really an...
  3. Ocean Chan

    Question on release date

    Hi everyone, I know the question "When is the best day to release" has already been answered before. My question is more - what is the meaning of this situation.... I release my videos on Monday nights. Most of my views (I can see a clear pattern) come on Wednesday nights. Should I change...
  4. M

    Channel trailer thoughts?

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to the YouTube community.. I have posted about 5 videos so far and I thought it was about time I made a channel trailer for new viewers. Most I've seen are about a minute long but mine is almost 3, I'm thinking about making a new one, something shorter and more...
  5. FunWithTheBugs

    What's the Longest Break You Have Taken From YouTube?

    I have been uploading 2 videos a week consistanly for a few months now and spend hours everyday doing YouTube stuff and trying to grow our channel. I have been thinking about maybe taking a week or 2 off to refresh myself. What's the longest break you have taken from uploading and why. Did it...
  6. SeanFace101

    Does this happen to anyone else? (Uploads Sections on Channel)

    Does anyone else's Recent Uploads section on their main channel page keep resetting or something back to just showing the 2 latest videos rather than the 10 or so it is meant to show? It has been happening to me a few times recently, does it happen to everyone? I have added a photo with this...
  7. StrawberryJamT

    Does a change in consistent uploads penalise your channel?

    Hi there! I was wondering if anyone else had experience with changing the consistency with your uploads and how that has affected your overall views/watch time? Last year I had a change in uploads per month: Month 1: 28 videos Month 2: 14 videos Month 3: 20 videos Prior to month 1, I stuck...
  8. Kade2110

    Need Video Ideas!

    Hey guys, on my channel, I am starting to run out of some quick come up video ideas, because my daily schedule is so busy I haven't been able to upload because I don't have any ideas, then it becomes too late. Are there any cool ideas I could do so that I can get back on my daily upload...
  9. Jtpetch

    Best time to post?

    So I'm getting to the point where my editing is quick, and I generally get tomorrow's videos done today, so I'm starting to schedule the uploads. I'm wondering, though, what the ideal time to have a video go up would be. My first thought would be noon (my local time), but I'm not sure. What...
  10. PrattyG

    Channel Feedback Please?

    Hey guys, I'm relatively new to the scene of youtube and I'm just wondering how my channel seems so far, more uploads are coming. Suggestions for future series or games for me to play are appreciated! Thanks
  11. Ghoti

    Ghoti's YouTube Channel

    So I realized today that I don't really want to clog up other people's forums with my own videos - so I'm making my own! Technically I'm releasing four videos today, if you count a livestream VoD: It was my first real stream - there's still issues with my upload speed being much lower than...
  12. FanoBelmont

    Building an effective Schedule

    Hello guys. I want to hear you opinion on this topic and see if anyone has any particular tips or strategies that have worked for you. I focus on gaming videos, but I don't think this should be limited to gaming. As I am starting to create content, I get more and more excited with the...
  13. WilBajamas

    Is It Better To Upload Videos At A Certain Time?

    Wasabi Peeps!! I've been wondering, is it better to upload a video at a certain time? I'm from Malaysia, and let's say if my target audience is USA/ America. And their time is exactly 12 hours different from Malaysia, for example : Malaysian time - 12pm ; USA Time - 12am. If I want to target the...