upload time

  1. J

    Uploading in a half hour interval.

    Hello, everyone this is my first post on the forum so sorry if I mess things up with formatting and stuff. I started exporting a video out of my editing software ready to upload to YouTube, however, the video took longer than expected to export meaning that I will no longer be able to upload it...
  2. Cherry Tung

    How to decide when to release new videos?

    I remember seeing this somewhere, some sort of analytics tool that allows you to see the optimal upload time and day specific to your channel views. However, I can no longer find it? Can you please share if you know? Thanks!
  3. Altairsfriend

    The First Few Months: Posting to external sites?

    So my channel is in its infancy, and I could use some pointers. For instance, what do you guys do when you upload your video? Do you post it to Reddit or some other sites? I guess what I'm asking is what is your uploading process? P.S. What about your tags? The more the merrier?
  4. Little World View

    What day/time should you post a new video and why?

    Are you consistent with a certain time/day that you upload or is it wheneves?
  5. Eyezak

    How Can I Make A Strong Upload Schedule?

    Hello! So, I have over 900+ subscribers on my channel, and I seem to be growing somewhat fast. However, I feel like I should have an upload schedule as most of the time my viewers don't really get a chance to see a specific video when it's up. Of course, I'm not expecting them to see it...
  6. GooberVlogs

    Best Times To Upload Videos

    Wazzzup yttalkers =) So I have been trying my nest to follow my schedule of uploading everyweek on the same days Monday and Friday but should I upload them at a certain time??? Took me forever to edit.. I uploaded 3 videos on Monday one was like around 4 and the other 2 after editing...