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  1. G

    Copyright claims

    Hello , I'm working with TV channel that have so many shows and series that have been spread out all over Youtube without their permission . Now we want to claim those videos and I don't know how , can somebody please tell me how do we claim those videos . shall we use a network if so then...
  2. K

    Comedy Casting New Unscripted Comedy Show!

    Push It Productions is currently casting L.A. based comedians who drive for a ride share company. Are you driving to support your love for comedy? Do you drive all day to do comedy all night? If so, we want to hear from you! Comics interested in auditioning must submit the following: NAME...
  3. S.A.D

    WESTWORLD seaon 1 review

    It's a little late, but just like this show, you cant rush art. hope you like it thanks.
  4. Julius Gacgacao

    What do you think about my "Bold" Idead?

    When I turn 19 I'm moving to LA. I was thinking of doing an autobiographical tv show on my move there and trying to make a living as a filmmaker. (The show is more complex than that, I'm just way too lazy to type) I also plan on selling my show to one of the big video streaming platforms...
  5. thegeekyinformant

    50 Friends Facts YOU DIDN'T KNOW

    I am a HUGE friends fan, I really wanted to make a video where I look at some of the most obscure facts from the show. This will be an ongoing series, so if you got an idea for a future installment, whether it be a tv show or a movie, let me know! :) Hope you enjoy my video!
  6. Testing Your Neurons

    Feedback needed on my latest video quiz!

    I'd like to know if you have any difficulty seeing the text and if the background images are too bright or not enough.. Thanks!
  7. Testing Your Neurons

    Is my quiz too difficult? - I need your feedback!

    I have made a quiz of Game of Thrones and I am wondering if some of you guys could try it to tell me if it is too difficult for people! Thanks in advance! Testing Your Neurons
  8. Bongo Raggles

    Licensing to TV

    Apologies if this isnt the right section. Ive been approached by two German TV companies who want to use a couple of clips out of my videos. They want it for single use programmes with rights to show online and on tv. Not total rights to my content in perpetuity or anything crazy, it all seems...
  9. resvrgm

    Game Of Thrones Characters That are NOT fictional

    Guys! The new Game Of Thrones Season is Coming! I am super excited. In the mean time, I'm watching a lot of game of thrones videos, for the sake of "watching game of thrones" and I advice you to do the same! hahahaha I know, it must be really hard to actually live on Westeros. While these...
  10. TwoTakes

    A 3 min Review of an Anime show called One Punch Man. Please- feedback needed!

    Hi there everybody, thanks for taking a look! We would love to hear your thoughts on our latest video. We are looking for feedback on the various areas of production such as the sound quality and the editing and also what you thought of the actual review- they most important thing to us is- is...
  11. Dice Rollen

    Top 10 Disturbing Childhood Characters

    This is a list of ten of the creepiest characters from your childhood!
  12. Roots_97

    Why Do You Vlog?

    Hey guys its Roots! I just wanted to talk about vlogging and why I love it so much. I think vlogging is a great way to see what people do in their daily lives and how they interact with those around them. The reason I started vlogigng is because I wanted to give people a glimpse into my life and...
  13. Mr Danny

    Shipping Ships - The Game Show

    To celebrate Valentine's Day, let's ship ships together! (WARNING: it's pretty dumb)