1. LadyRevan

    Gaming Looking for a group and/or collabs

    Heya, I'm Revan. I've got my own little channel where I upload highlights of gaming sessions with family/friends. I've wanted to make a hobby out of YT for about a decade now, but never really had the means to do so. Now that I do, I've had a blast and captured some really great moments. That...
  2. Reag4n

    Gaming Hi, i'm Looking For a Collab and a Good Time, How About You?

    Hi, My name is Reag4n (pronounced Ray-gan), and I am looking for fellow youtubers to collaborate with. Possible Games: Team Fortress 2 (my favorite), Call of Duty: World at War, Minecraft, Fortnite, Terraria, or Cs:Go Requirements: Relatively Good PC (not choppy when recording),Over 12+ Years...
  3. Ninselic

    Gaming Hardcore survivalish games, fresh collaboration channel

    I am planning to create a collaboration channel of games with hardcore gameplay (aka, the games that allow for runs with only one life and your out). The games I'm currently thinking of are: "Terraria, Minecraft, Diablo III, Baldur's gate" and similar games. I'm a fairly new channel myself so...
  4. S

    Gaming A Small Group of Youtubers To Collab With

    Hi there My name is Stupidpendous & I'm a very small Youtuber & i was wondering if any other Youtubers want to create a series or something like that. The Games I Play Now: Minecraft, Terraria, GMod Games i'm Planing to Play: The Forest, PUBG, COD WW2, More GMod, Modded Minecraft Games I've been...
  5. Z

    Gaming Looking for some people to collab with

    Hi! I'm looking for people who would like to make videos with me on PS4 and PC On Ps4 for games i have are: Need for speed rivals, Rocket league, Minecraft, Uncharted 4, watch dogs, terraria , and Dying light. On PC:Bo2, Garrys mod, StarMade, Unturned, CS GO, Minecraft, and team fortress 2...
  6. Graveilgaming

    Gaming Terraria server! Need players for survival series

    Hi, so ive opened a terraria server and am looking for people who want to play, it's a new survival world so will be with new chars , you just play as you would normally, but ill do the recording & talking. Best thing is, if you're respectful and actually enjoy playing, the server is up 24.7 for...
  7. Creeforple

    Gaming Gaming collab

    Hi everyone i am Creeforple i don't have any subs atm because i restarted my channel because of alot of inactive subs, But me and my friends are looking for some people to play and record the following games Ark Survival Evolved (We have a server) GMod GTAV CS:GO Minecraft (we kinda have a...
  8. CatTagz

    LOTS OF PROGRESS!! Terraria... ep 5

    Today what i got for yah is episode 5 of our Terraria lets play series, so here is some info about it. Its a Terraria lets play in a world called CatTagz Universe on Xbox 360 and this is the 5th episode. I hope you enjoy ;)
  9. CatTagz

    Hi there I'm CatTagz or Leo!

    Hi there I'm Leo and I run a small gaming channel called CatTagz. I very resonly started this channel which is why I have a very low subscriber amount but if we all work together I think that I could grow my own channel while helping some of you guys out as well. I'm open for collaborations and...
  10. CatTagz

    Just started a brand new gaming channel - feedback please?

    Hi there I'm Leo or CatTagz and only 2 days ago I started a brand new channel with the main topic being gaming. I mainly do gaming lets plays and funny montages and the games I have uploaded by the time of writing this is Goat Simulator and Terraria on Xbox 360. I have been doing YouTube for...
  11. Jamin B.

    Gaming Looking for someone to collaborate with on PC!

    Must Be 13+ These are the games that a can play: Garry's Mod, Minecraft, Terraria, Robocraft, Unturned, Brawlhalla. Can not swear in my video. (Especially with the new YT Rules.) Must have Skype. My skype is: TheNerdyKid Apply in the comments.
  12. OfficerNuggets

    Gaming Looking for someone to do a full expert mode playthrough on Terraria (PC)

    I would like someone that would not rush the game forward and take our time and get everything (almost everything) You have to be at least 12 or around that age. You also have to have around 100 subscribers If you want to colab my skype is OfficerNuggets or xparrayx if the first does not work.
  13. Afam

    Gaming Looking For A Gmod (Garrys mod) Collaborate

    Hey everyone I am looking for some to record with on pc. You Must be willing to record regularly,I Have A small group called jinx squad but im looking for someone that love to record regularly,not all the time.We are looking for people who are Passionate about YouTube, and Strive to give others...
  14. Davis McLeod

    Gaming PC Terraria Collaboration with TheGaminController

    If you want to collab with me then make sure you have Terraria on steam. I will accept 1-3 channels but if so make some great conversations. You can get steam by googling steam. My channel has a little bit under 90 subscribers. Make sure that you have around the same subscribers (115 - 75...
  15. R

    Gaming YT GAMING-Minecraft-Sandbox Games--18yrs+ USA--PST Time Zone

    Hey everyone! My name is Rick. I am looking for a person who would be interested in collaborating to make videos. I am looking for mature individuals ages 18+. I am flexible about the number of subscribers. More or less a number is just a number. I would prefer someone with a good mic and...
  16. L

    Gaming Searching for pc gaming collab

    Hi, My Real Name is Mehdi My YouTube channel is LuckyBoy i don't have a lot of subscribers i only have 5 cause i don't have anybody to record game plays with (i have some friends but they don't want me to record them playing) I like to collaborate with someone The Game That I LIKE To Play...
  17. CraftinJoey

    Terraria Ep1 Mr. Pinky Slime And Cave Diving Fail!

    This is ep 1 :)
  18. Creeforple

    Gaming PC Gaming/Youtube Collaboration

    PC collaboration I am a small youtuber with 35 subs i play mostly minecraft but want to branch out to other games the game i have are -GTA V -Minecraft -Terraria -Dead Realm -Gmod Requirements Decent audio Decent video quality Leave your skype below and a little bit of info on you and your...
  19. Ninja Ferret

    Gaming Looking For Pc Collaboration

    Hey guys, I'm just looking to branch out a little and collaborate with some new people. I think it would be a lot of fun! If you guys are interested leave your email or skype name as a response. Requirements: Must be 16-21 years old Must be active on youtube Must have a descent mic Games I...
  20. K

    Gaming Minecraft, Payday 2, The Forest, Rust, and Terraria!

    I'm not the best at any of these games, I'm really only good at Minecraft but I'm willing to do a collaboration!
  21. Justin Beast

    Gaming PC Gaming Collab!

    Hey dudes! I am looking for a group of people to start a community with and collab with to grow our channels! If you would like to join, please tell me your channel name (your link might not work) so I can check out your content! Games I can play: Rocket League Minecraft Civilization 5...
  22. Rhilex

    Gaming PC/PS4 Collaboration!

    Hey guys, Rhilex here! I was wondering if anyone would want to collab with me! I am a Gaming Youtuber who plays GMod, Minecraft, Terraria, GTAV (PS4), and more! Hook me up on Skype if you're interested! Skype: RhilexYT