1. SupWithT

    Trying new uploads and new videos

    I am up and coming on my channel and I'm trying let's plays and gameplays. Any ideas on what it needs?
  2. SupWithT

    Gaming Newbie to Gary's Mod

    So....I just downloaded this...I don't know how to use it, but I hear a lot of people talking about it soooooo Anyone wanna collab...COMMENT Wanna gimme tips on how to use...or teach me how to use it...COMMENT Anyone wanna just tell me how awesome it is and I'm a noob...COMMENT Don't call me...
  3. SupWithT

    Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Let's play

    Here is another part of Superstar Saga. Please enjoy it!!! SHARE
  4. SupWithT

    Would this be interesting??

    So for my first run through of any game. I plan on doing a commentary run through of Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga would anyone be interested in seeing that??? Plan on doing Mario content in honor of the many nintendo games the community is getting this year!!!
  5. SupWithT

    Anyone got any good tips on Video Tags?

    I'm about to upload my first Youtube Video for this channel. I really need advice on tags honestly. I want my video to have publicity but it would be nice to know anyway to publicize it. My first video is an unwrapping/unboxing of a game I purchased. If anyone has any good advice on tags it...
  6. SupWithT

    Can someone please tell me the best FREE Editor??

    I am in serious help....I really need help finding a good video editor to use for my channel. Can someone please help me or give suggestions? :(
  7. SupWithT

    Gonna Start Small...

    Well I know I have a goal right now to reach 50 subs on my channel without the use of fake subscription websites. My main aspiration also is to use partial of the money I gain from Youtube, once I get good, is to donate to charity (Planned on this from this jump soooooo :smug:). So I figured...
  8. SupWithT

    Is it ok to start off with a webcam?

    Ok so the focal point of my channel is to do skits, gaming, news, tips for the air force, etc. etc. Now my issue I am having a hard time getting a capture card because........I'm only 18 its only so much I CAN afford :crying:. So I need some starting off on a webcam recording...