1. J

    Gaming I'm trying kind of different styles of editing

    I just started doing youtube, have made a couple of videos (ones currently in the making atm), and trying to find a style for my channel, the one I'm making right now is a pretty different then the videos i have up right now but if you don't mind if you can review my channel, please be honest...
  2. J

    Music alip_ba_ta canon rock

    Fingerstyle-Canon Rock
  3. Sony1210

    Glowing Baby!

  4. Scandinavian Freckles

    How to style your bedroom!!

    Hi everyone, So I am finally getting more into interior decor on youtubewhich is what I have been working with in "real" life. Because I recently moved back to Norway, from spain I decided to film my room tour and I hope you guys like it :) Wouldn't mind getting feedback :) !!
  5. OndaWire

    Cool Tech accessory definitely worth looking at

    Follow me on FaceBook or YouTube at "OndaWire" for more really cool product tech reviews! This quick and cool review is on the Elekin vertical laptop stand. If you want to organize your tech, then this accessory is definitely something to look into. This vertical laptop stand is super stylish...
  6. OndaWire

    Is Sennheiser taking over the headphone game?!?!

    Watch out Bose, Sony and Beats! The verdict is in and the review on the Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless headphones is ready! Follow me on FaceBook or on my Youtube channel @ "OndaWire" for more cool tech reviews! :coolphones:
  7. Brittneytaylorwg

    Haul video review!

    I recently uploaded a spring 2018 haul video and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the way I edited the video, the quality of the video, and if it is worth watching in other people's opinion. Thank you!!!
  8. Brittneytaylorwg

    Beauty/Makeup Beauty and style/fashion collaboration?!

    I am looking for small YouTubers (I have 17 subs as of right now) who would be interested in making a callab video where we do not actually meet up, like the older style collabs just more so within a style themed video. If someone is interested please let me know!!!
  9. Brittneytaylorwg

    Should I vlog too?

    Okay so recently I've just loved filming whatever I feel like would be slightly interesting and create entertainment because simply... I love doing so! It makes me so so so happy :tongue: I was thinking maybe I should vlog sometimes. I really like videos where I just talk to the camera while...
  10. ColletteisaBear

    Updated Channel Review

    Hey! So I posted in here a few weeks back and since then, I have combed through my channel to try to create better thumbnails, a better banner, and work on my on-camera vibe a little more. I wanted to get an update from anyone who's willing to stop by! (It is a style/ lifestyle related channel...
  11. ColletteisaBear

    Channel Review

    Hey guys! So I was hoping to get an honest channel review from those of you who enjoy the style/beauty genre. Sometimes I feel like my channel is growing fairly slowly compared to others, but then sometimes I get suspicious that some people may have bought viewers or subscribers. A few things...
  12. ColletteisaBear

    Fashion/Style/Beauty Youtubers

    Is anyone out there that has these interests in the YouTube world? A lot of these threads are about gaming or prank channels. I wanted to see if anyone was around and wanted to bounce ideas and suggestions off each other! Although I’m sure this thread is going to be closed like every other one...
  13. ColletteisaBear

    Hi guys! New beauty/style YouTuber here!

    Hi! My name is Collette and I'm just sort of browsing around the interwebz for some friends with similar tastes and interests. It'd be super awesome to have a YouTuber as a friend! What do you guys think? Anyone interested in getting to know each other?
  14. Landen

    Do You Have A Logan Paul Style On-Screen Mask"?

    We have an inevitable tendency to "perform" when we know we are in front of a camera that I call our "on-screen mask". Basically, if we know there is a camera in the room recording, we are bound to act slightly different and become a "performer," even if we try our best not to. One thing I...
  15. Landen

    Including Bloopers In Videos - Annoying or Funny? (Poll)

    I have a theory. Everyone loves bloopers. It's why bloopers of every TV show and movie you know and love go viral. The simple "oh they're human too and make funny mistakes" factor is always enjoying to see. So I made the decision from the start of all my videos to include my filming bloopers...
  16. V

    Beauty/Makeup Collab on certain makeup look

    any one looking for a collab with a makeup look. I am doing it for exposure of my account. Let me know if interested
  17. Iza Elle

    Meet Up/Gathering England YouTubers meet up!

    Hey guys! is there any YouTubers from England? Im from Suffolk! x
  18. Tom theWildlife

    Something Different... Nature and Wildlife

    So although I love me some games. I have started a YouTube dedicated to something different. My passion is Nature and Wildlife, I went as far as to study a Bsc in Biodiversity and ecology in university and have now graduated with my degree. Although though out varsity I realized that what I...
  19. Conncast

    Changing the Style+Upload Frequency Advice

    Hey there, I am looking for some advice on how to change my channell's general aesthetic, I am looking for something to match my profile picture yet still capture the essence of the cover photo I have, I am perhaps thinking putting down the emblems of X politicians featured on my cover photo in...
  20. TeddieCakes

    First time editing in this style, need advice on interest retention and editing style [Gameplay]

    Video Link: Channel: TeddieCakes Title: FIRST D.VA TEAM KILL! | Gremlin D.VA teaches us how to "Git Gud" Hello, I am a complete beginner when it comes to editing and I just recently created a new video that is completely different and new in style to me. I wanted to know if this editing style...
  21. Adelle

    Copying Someone's Style?

    How do you feel about people who you think are copying someone else's style? Now I've seen people who simply remind me of other people. However, not everyone is the same. They all seem to have some quality that differentiates them from other people. BUT sometimes I see people who just...
  22. Julius Gacgacao

    Services Free Intro (Film Style)

    So I'm just looking for a chance to make more content, and I think this is a great way for me to do it. My service is completely free. All I ask is that when I finish the intro I get to post it to my channel. I just wanna say that I stay committed to my work and don't stop until I'm done. If...
  23. Joe_brett15


    Ive been researching and practicing many ways to create some awesome looking channel arts and video thumbnails, have a look for more information and tutorials. I was wondering if any of you were looking for ways of making any type of art invloving youtube it could be texts logos ect ect
  24. Lior Potolsky

    And Old Style of Vlogging, Brought Back?

    Hello, everyone! So I decided to try something different. I've always been a fan of Ze Frank, WheezyWaiter and the Vlog Brothers, and always wanted to try to do what they did (in my own way), so I did it! Welcome to Vlogor! It's a show where I talk at the camera for a couple of minutes about...
  25. Fee007

    Tell me what you think about my channel

    Hey there everyone. Please take a look at my new channel and tell me what you think. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  26. Fee007

    St. Patty's Day/Any Day Green Nail!

    Take a look at my first video from March! VERY different from my newer videos! nail art!
  27. Fee007


    Take a look at my channel trailer to get a glimpse at what my channel is all about!
  28. S

    Other Need a debaters!!!

    I have various debates that i am planning, i would like to allow anyone who wants to participate, the ability to do so! Please fill out this link if you are interested!!!
  29. RavenAlixis

    Beauty/Makeup COLLABORATION???!!

    hey guys! I have a subscriber count of 40 subscribers and I would love to collaborate with someone thats in that same range! I would love to do a lookbook, how i style, closet staples or anything of that sort! I would also be willing to do a makeup look too!
  30. Jtpetch

    Is there a place for quieter, more reserved YT'ers?

    I've noticed that the majority of popular YT'ers, especially in the gaming realm, generally seem to be over-energetic and enthusiastic in how they act and talk, and it makes me wonder if that's something that's holding my channel back. I'm not a super energetic person, and I'm not over-the-top...