1. PMighty

    Gaming Streamer looking for friends!! :)

    Howdy, I'm Pat. I enjoy Call of Duty, Maryjane, Cars & Alcohol. I'm a hoot. Trust me you'll have a GREAT time. I'm looking for streamers to collab with and help each other expand. I play warzone, cold war, and soon Forza Horizon 5 content will be ready to start rolling out!!! Stop past my...
  2. MadBlaxe

    Mixer Or Twitch What do you think (After Some Big Streamers went to mixer)?

    What do you think about some big names on twitch go to mixer and what do you think about twitch and mixer ?
  3. TheProfessionalhooligan

    Gaming Looking to collaborate with other youtubers to bring the community closer (Xbox One- Road to 400 Subs.)(BO4 and MW)

    Hello YTtalk community, This will be my first time posting or uploading here. I am looking to collaborate with other youtubers to help bring the community closer. I am a gaming channel looking to meet new content creators and gamers for the channel. I am aspiring to help and change one millions...
  4. F

    Request New Youtuber and Twitch streamer looking for Music, Logo and Channel Art

    I am just getting started with streaming on twitch, as well as uploading to youtube. and I am looking for a logo and channel art to make my channel stand out. Logo: I am looking for a logo that fits my channel name. Something that has a farmer in it. I am ok with spending a little as long as...
  5. FawX

    JUST AFFILIATED!!! FawX - Irish Streamer - FPS Gamer My name is FawX and I recently just got affiliate. Thanks to some loyal viewers and lurkers Iv managed to get affiliate and it...
  6. DmsqOTI

    Dark Souls Challenge Run!

    First time trying to do a live commentary of sorts, with some light editing, let me know what I could do better! thanks :)
  7. DmsqOTI

    Black Ops 4: Easy Headshot Camo guide!

    Hi everyone, this is my first video ever and I'd love if you could check it out and give me some feedback on it! If you enjoyed it and want to see more from me please subscribe! I'll sub anyone back and share the love :)
  8. RenOperative

    Gaming Looking for new recruits for gaming content creation & long time members

    We’re looking for reliable, non-toxic candidates who have an immense passion for playing a lot of various video games extensively, being in a gaming group environment and contributing to gaming podcasts. Here’s our list of what we want and don’t want in the process of looking for more cool...
  9. Mark Stise

    Live Streaming? What are the Do's and Don'ts???

    Hey Everyone I haven't done a live stream as yet and quit frankly I'm a little nervous about doing one. Why?? Well lets see. 1) I only have just under 500 subscribers so If I did do a live stream would anyone really show up? 2) What do I talk about in my live stream, I mean Q&A might be a good...
  10. The Nerd Encounter

    Gaming Popular Social Media Page Wants to Add Streamers to its YT Gaming Schedule

    Hello YTTalk People, hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday! I'm from "The Nerd Encounter" we are a popular Facebook page with almost 22,000 FB Likes(21,900+ right now). A little about us. We as a company specialize in all areas of film/video/audio production! With high end...
  11. PunchbowlGaming


    Evening all! Our community channel is live once again! Tonight as always on a Monday is The Clutch Hour with Rick! He's on Enter The Gungeon, come and join the chat and get involved! Thanks all!
  12. PunchbowlGaming


    Evening all! Tonight my community channel is live streaming right now on #DarkSouls2! If you have a moment head over and give him a watch and a like!
  13. PunchbowlGaming


    Evening all! Our community channel is currently live on Rainbow Six Siege playing some Ranked on the new update. Show these guys some support if you have a moment. They are new to streaming and would love to get some feedback! Thanks guys!
  14. PunchbowlGaming

    New Community Channel Just reached 50 subs/500 views

    Hey all! We just wanted to share some exciting news. Our new community channel reached 50 subscribers today just after a week and a half of content! We are so pleased with this and really excited about it's growth rate. The community channel is one where we 6 content creators produce content...
  15. PunchbowlGaming


    Hey all! I am currently live on our community channel Stream Team Heroes and playing some Rainbow Six Siege with Rick! The channel just broke 50 subscribers so we are pretty pumped! Hope a lot of you can come and join the chat! Thanks!
  16. terror569

    Female Streamer Blowing Some Mic [PARODY]

    Like really I'm not kidding bros.
  17. Anthony Vernon

    THIS ISN'T GAMEPLAY (Boob Streamers) - What do you think of this video