1. T

    Gaming Looking to make SMPLive style server for small Youtubers.

    If you've heard of CallMeCarson's SMPLive, You know the gist. It's a Minecraft server where players must stream whenever they play on the server. Smaller channels could use this opportunity to grow off of each other and have reliable content to turn to. Players should be 14-15+, be able to take...
  2. tadpole_gaming

    Gaming looking for fun streaming group

    hey guys, im looking for a group to join that streams regularly. my main games are overwatch and rocket league, apex legends i also have rainbow six siege (but needs more adjusting), deathgarden and a bunch of other steam games. i really dont like toxic ragers, frustration is understandable...
  3. tinydog

    Software/tool to detect music and dub over it or mute it? (music detection)

    Greetings. Does anyone know of a way to automatically detect when music (not speech or other sounds) is playing from a particular audio source, and either dub over it with different audio or simply mute it? Basically, I'm looking for a music detection tool. Example: I'm streaming a NASA launch...
  4. Chef Cotoletta


    First of all I want to apologize if it's not the correct place where to post stuff about streaming, but I guess my trouble is software-related. I ve been trying a lot with OBS studio and Streamlabs... but nothing at all.. I can't stream because the softwar don't see the images of my webcam. The...
  5. mumblez207

    OBS Streaming help

    Hello everyone I have been trying to work with OBS to stream and I have a weird lag situation and want to try to figure this out. So my game itself will be running fine but it will be lagging in the OBS window I have on my other monitor. Any ideas what this could be weather it's hardware or...
  6. Suprex

    Gaming Fortnite Duos

    Looking for someone who is good/decent at Fortnite. I'm tired of playing with idiots. Also looking to stream soon as well. hmu Discord: Suprex#9646
  7. Mark Stise

    Live Streaming? What are the Do's and Don'ts???

    Hey Everyone I haven't done a live stream as yet and quit frankly I'm a little nervous about doing one. Why?? Well lets see. 1) I only have just under 500 subscribers so If I did do a live stream would anyone really show up? 2) What do I talk about in my live stream, I mean Q&A might be a good...
  8. S

    Gaming Gaming group, PS4 only sorry(SpFw)

    Yooooo I’ve just started a PS4 gaming group and I’ve already got three people and they’re probably the funniest people I’ve met. We’re aiming to be a successful group, a bit like The Sidemen, our group is called SpFw (Sniping People For Wins) we all came up with this name together and it sounds...
  9. Suprex

    Gaming CSGO Players.

    Looking for some CSGO players to play with, i'm tired of solo and duo queing. i wanna get a 5 man squad. i went from Silver Elite down to freaking Silver 2 in like 3 days so im tired of solo/duo queing. all i get are complete idiots. I'm stuck in Silver but I play like a Gold Nova or higher. I...
  10. Suprex

    Gaming Looking for people to play PUBG and other games with

    Looking to make funny moment videos and maybe stream with. Hate playing PUBG Solos so it'd be nice to have someone to play that and other games with :) Discord: Suprex#9646
  11. SmokeySpace

    Best Games For Small Streamers to Stream?

    What are some good games (prepherably on steam but I also have Xbox) that gets in a lot of new viewers, like one that not too many people stream but still a lot of people watch, any ideas? I’ve heard Squad is a good one has anyone tried? Thanks for all the help!
  12. Element Arsenic

    Gaming PS4 (Fortnite & WWII) Live Stream Collab

    Hey Guys! I am looking for some skilled players to play some fortnite and WWII on live stream with me. The better we are the more entertaining the content is! I will be live streaming tonight, so let me know if you are interested! Shoot me a message on youtube if you are interested!
  13. ZabreMMO

    Gaming Looking for Collaborators?!

    Hi, I go by the name Zabre on YouTube. I play PC and PS4 games and would like to gather a group of friends to collaborate with on a weekly basis for footage to edit for youtube. I don't ask for a large requirement, however, I would like to set a few ground rules. 1) I am currently 21 years old...
  14. Aaron Mendoza

    As a Gaming channel, where do you stream?

    I am wondering if i should stream to YTGaming because it is small, and Stream goes to my YouTube channel after. I know twitch can do it too, but you have a time limit. Anyways i have 1k and alot are inactive, or eventually watch. I want to start live streaming with facecam and everything...
  15. cleanprince

    Gaming Looking For NYC Gamer For Podcast And Collab (1000+ Subs)

    Hey guys! I am a gaming Youtuber that as of this writing is just passing the 1,000 sub mark. I live in NYC and am looking for a nearby gaming youtuber to collab with and/or start a new podcast with! If you are interested please e-mail me at: My channel should be...
  16. HearingMind

    streaming music problem

    hello guys, i've been trying to stream music for 48h on my VPS i downloaded wirecast but the music mix keeps looping and not playing the next one. anyone knows how can i stream music on my VPS? thank you PS: sorry if this is the wrong section
  17. Gaming Gerry

    Gaming Looking for Collab Recorders and Streamers 300+ Subs

    If you're reading this then you made a smart choice. I'm looking for people who have the free time to really get into a recording or a stream. Requirements: Must have mic 16+ in Age Games Available: Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 Gmod Golf with friends Minecraft etc. (Will say If I have them or not, and...
  18. Elpixion

    Other Looking for some people for a live stream vlog thing/ Q&A thing (idk what part to put this in)

    So i had this idea where i get some other people over skype or something for a livestream (must have at least 10 subscribers) and our viewers just ask questions that we can answer and we also just talk to viewers and just have an interactive live podcast sort of thing if you are interested PM...
  19. ImChazza

    Gaming PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Collab

    Hi There, I'm looking to perhaps collab with 1-2 more people on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. I already play with a friend however I am open to the idea of playing squads or even a different duo to make videos or stream. I currently produce highlight type video's showcasing my better games...
  20. MechaJake

    Stream Warrior Broken - NEED HELP

    Hey everyone, I recently purchased the full version of Stream Warrior. To any other owners of the software, do you know a way to completely reset the program to it's default settings? I increased the quality of my subscriber image and now the program runs like molasses and is unusable. I've...
  21. MechaJake

    First Stream Ever! Darksiders celebration stream :)

    Hey Everyone, Last night I tried something new (with some bare bones equipment, but I made it work ;p ) and hosted my channels first live stream! Not settled on a schedule yet, but I had a lot of fun doing it. I might aim for a stream a week and keep working on my more edited content. the...
  22. Te-Erika

    LIVE STREAM Help???

    Has anyone ever gotten the YT LIVE STREAM to work? I tried it years ago and couldn't do it. It seem so hard to do. It's not CLICK TO GO LIVE.It's download one of these 12 encoders and see which one works with your computer- good luck cuz we have no clue. Or maybe I am missing something. One...
  23. Rolz

    Webcam for streaming?

    Hi guys what's a good webcam for streaming 1080p? I was looking at maybe picking up the Logitech c930 or 20...what do you think? Thank you :)
  24. Camskiez


    Hey everyone! My newest video is my third stream highlights episode! There is mostly overwatch in here but also some rocket league in which I believe I might be one of the worst team mates in the game hahah. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy and I hope I can get everyone laughing!
  25. Camskiez

    Camskiez Stream HIGHLIGHTS #2! (Comedy Gaming!)

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to say first of all since I just joined yttalk last night this community is so awesome and its great to see everyone helping each other out and giving feedback etc and its great to be apart of it now. So, I just released my second stream highlights video which...
  26. Conncast

    Celebratory Livestream tonight at 6 EST, Fun Q and A

    Doing a livestream tonight at 6pm EST to celebrate 50 subscribers (the celebration of mediocrity) and I would appreciate getting a few live viewers that would like to get to know conncast for once! I will see you there, I hope you can make it!
  27. O

    Anyone notice YouTube removed FanFunding?

    YouTube removed FanFunding and replaced with Super Chat which is Live Streams only. You pay to get your comments above others who don't pay. When someone watching your stream pays you earn money. But the Fan Funding for non live stream videos is GONE.
  28. L

    Gaming Collaborating with any channel size that creates good content

    Hello everyone, I am Dan/Daniel or LemonadeDan. I currently own a small channel with 46 subscribers and I'm hoping to collab with anyone at any size. I mainly make League of Legends content and I aim to just play together, complete challenges etc. My channel name is: LemonadeDan as I'm not...
  29. Ninja

    HAND JOB TIPS | Twitch Stream Highlights

    Leave a 'LIKE', all the cool kids are doing it! You're cool right? Watch Live:
  30. EthanPeacockYT

    Request GFX / Stream Overlay

    Hey there, Im Ethan and i have 290 Subscribers. I am soon getting new internet so i am gonna start live streaming more. I have tried to make my own but didnt work out. You would have to have some experience In making GFX but wont mind if your not the 'best'. If anyone needs more information...