story time

  1. Fost

    Fost StoryTime and Q&A(Ask me something cause whoever says anything is crazy lol)

    Sometimes in my sessions I have 15-20 minutes left of recording I can do so I started the Fost Storytime where I tell you a true story depending on what ya'll ask I also might answer random questions so ask away. And yes, I will reply on here so you don't have to watch the videos(Though I might...
  2. Courtney Candice

    My worst hair salon experience

    I’ve had some pretty bad luck with going to get my hair done....:eek:
  3. Justine


    I really really wish this was actually clickbait. A couple of weeks ago, I posted on twitter about jumping a fence and messing up my leg and arm. I never told the FULL story as to WHY I jumped a fence until now; I was running away from the cops. Aye despite being bleach blonde, I'm not like...
  4. Courtney Candice

    Weird things I have seen at Walmart

    I’ve seen some weird things at Walmart!
  5. ItsNotAiyla

    Scammed for $20,000 - Storytime

    hope you enjoy another one of my storytime videos!
  6. ItsNotAiyla

    Laser eye surgery experience - Storytime

    I hope you enjoy my latest video!!
  7. ItsNotAiyla

    My embarrassing playboy audition- Storytime

    I worked really hard on this video, I hope you enjoy my embarrassment!:bounce:
  8. ItsNotAiyla

    I Got a face tattoo and regret it!! - Storytime

    I think I'm kinda funny but I'm also a people so I posted this here. Hope my stupidity entertains you!
  9. Henry Sierra


    Hey Everyone! I just uploaded a GRAPHIC story time video that I filmed with friend and I'm going to do Vlogmas! Check out today's video and subscribe for more uploads :)
  10. Courtney Candice

    I was terrified of dolls

  11. Courtney Candice

    Slipknot scared my friend

  12. DTay Chaos

    I Was Shot At 14 Yrs Old (Not Clickbait) | Story Time

    My channel isnt usually this sad, most of the times its just funs & games but i felt like this was a story i should tell hope you enjoy subscribe
  13. Courtney Candice

    Weird things I have seen at Walmart

    I have some really weird things at Walmart! Have you ever seen anything weird or creepy at Walmart or any other store like Walmart?
  14. KaylaKayyy

    Other Storytime Collab.

    Hey guys! If any of you guys have a crazy roommate story lets collab! I have wanted to a story time collab but none of my friends have any like stories. Doesn't matter how many subs you've got lets just support one another and have fun. Also if we do a virtual collab then we don't need to...

    this terrified me as a kid (story time)

    so this is a story of my journey through zombies! yes i used to be scared of them but ive slowly began to love them! (COD Zombies)
  16. Courtney Candice

    I got mistaken for Miranda cosgrove

  17. artslee

    It's laughter, LAUGHTER all! - Animation about laughter

    This is our first of many animations where we narrate, the well you guessed it, animation! This one is about laughter and stuff that makes us laugh and simply not laugh. Let us know what you think!
  18. Cleo Nash

    Vlog Sacramento/Bay Area Collabs

    Hey! I'm looking for people who are in the bay or sac that are open to collabs! My page is very random, yet has some structure lol. FEEL FREE TO CHECK IT OUT! I'm current living in SF and I am willing to meet in different parts of the bay. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. P.S...
  19. PotatoBabeCosplay

    Vlog Christmas Story Time Collab

    Hello Everybody, I am thinking about posting a video telling a story about one of my Christmas experiences and i wanted to know if anyone wanted to join in. All you would have to do is film a video talking about something you've done or had happen on or around Christmas and then link everyone...
  20. BarbMollyTV


    Hey Beautiful Strangers! Back at it again with a new video where I react to my surgery and give you guys a life update about where I have been all of this time!
  21. BarbMollyTV

    Wisdom Teeth Surgery Reaction & Life Update

    Damn Molly, back at it again with a new video after almost a year in hiatus! Check out my new video where I react to my wisdom teeth removal video and a little life update!
  22. Taso

    Commentary Looking to collab.

    Just a small(er) channel, and wouldn't mind doing a collab with someone who gets my sense of humor. I do life stories and things of the like, so please check my videos and see if that's something you'd be able to work with. The games I play are Warframe and Paladins because my a** is broke lol...
  23. Blunt Brittany

    Black Friday Gone Wrong

    Check out my latest story time of Black Friday horror stories!
  24. piaiscool

    Please review my first ever story time video!

    hi lovelies! Thank you for taking the time to check this out. Really means a lot to me! This is my first story time video and I was having second thoughts about doing it because it might be very boring if I'm just going to be talking. Also, my english is a little bad that's why I had to add...
  25. Branden Morales


  26. Justine

    Black Out Drunk Story!|Overwatch Gameplay

    So here it is, the video we've all been waiting for, my story of blacking out from drinking too much...yeah this'll get interesting. As always, thanks so much for watching and if you have any feedback let me know, I really appreciate it! Have a nice day guys!
  27. Branden Morales


    Story time (;
  28. Justine

    Cheating Story + Overwatch Gameplay

    So I kinda didn't want to post this but then again I feel better now that I did. Basically, this is just a story time video (with some awesome Overwatch gameplay in the background) where I talk about my experience with being cheated on...yeah you're in for a ride if you watch this oh my gosh...
  29. J

    How to Get Suspended From School

    Hey! Just uploaded a story time video where I talk about a time I got in a 'fight' with a grade school bully. Check it out! Thanks.
  30. TuCruciaL

    Story Time: My first Girlfriend!

    This is a throwback all the way to 1st grade telling you guys my happiness and sadness of my first relationship! I hope you enjoy c: