1. Necrovarius


    I read a thread on here today about storage, and how people do backup and storage for their videos. We all know videos can become huge, and its not too hard to fill up HDD space. So let me ask this question. I have on site storage in my house. More than enough. I just filled up a 1TB external...
  2. Andreas Sandström

    Want to do a "journey to" type of vlog but is an Iphone good enough?

    First. I am new here. So if this is the wrong place to write, please tell me so that I ,or an admin, can do anything about it. Thanks! So I have a pretty set goal when it comes to my training that I would love to achive but it would be cool if I could vlog this at the same time. Document the...
  3. backpackcrew

    Storage advice: hard drive vs. cloud. Thoughts?

    Hi everyone, I'd love to have your thoughts on the use of cloud and hard drives. At first, I thought that my 2TB hard drive would be enough but I end up having to delete my raw footage all the time (not enough space left) and only being able to keep the edited versions. Having to constantly...
  4. Branden Morales


  5. O

    YouTube GO (Another APP)

    YouTube is creating another app called "YouTube GO" it's only in India right now as beta and it's to watch videos offline. There is no clear description as to whether you need YouTube Red to download videos using YouTube GO.
  6. getrektson

    Where to store recorded videos? Help!

    So, my channel mostly does gaming/humor moments and I record all my gameplay on my hard-drive. I'm about to reach the point where I am running out of space on my storage hard drives. What do you guys usually do with your recorded material and how do you guys archive them? P.S. not sure if this...
  7. Jawad Soomro


    As we go down the storage, there are three ways we can choose to go. I went to the left where I collected the tinderboxes. Then I went to the front, but the wall is blocked, so we need an explosive to break the wall. We can go to the other entrance down and collect the 3 drill parts, each from...