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I read a thread on here today about storage, and how people do backup and storage for their videos. We all know videos can become huge, and its not too hard to fill up HDD space.

So let me ask this question. I have on site storage in my house. More than enough. I just filled up a 1TB external and want to compress a few "Completed" files down to make more space and tuck them away to sit there forever as I probably wont ever need them again.

Question: What do you do to compress your files to make them smaller and then what do you use to archive them?
Since video files are already compressed you usually cant squeeze much more out of them.. (this is, assuming they are already compressed).
But since i’m always having to delete old stuff to make room for new stuff on my 5TB storage array, i’m Open to see what’s possible.
Can we convert our old H.264 files to H.265/HEVC ??
Well here is why I think we might be able to compress even more. I downloaded one of my videos from YT recently, after deleting my copy. My copy was 4gb. When I downloaded the vid from YT it was 500mb or someone crazy small. How do they do it?