1. @

    Never get underpaid for a sponsorship deal again

    Hey YTtalk community, I want to share a free resource I created. It's a table with anonymous data on how much creators are charging for different brand deals: https://sponsorships.fyi/ Currently it shows: 1) amount of $ for the deal 2) number of followers and which social it was posted on 3)...
  2. A

    New Tool for Displaying Sponsorships for Listeners and maximizing revenue

    This new tool allows you to make a page that displays all of your links and discount codes from sponsors so that your listeners have a place to go back to again and again to support you. It's also a great SEO hack because the pages are designed to show up for relevant keywords. So, when your...
  3. W

    Hey Gamers! We’re on the lookout for sponsorships!

    Hey gamers! Hope your all safe and well! Our company is on the lookout for up and coming members of the gaming community to join our team as an ambassador for our gaming product’s! if this is something of interest, shoot us a DM on Instagram @wirelesskings and we’ll look into it!
  4. Beautifyinglives

    Looking For Youtube Channel to Promote Our Online Self development Course

    Hello Youtubers, We are Beautifyinglives.com, An Online Platform for Self Development Course. We are looking for Youtubers with decent number of Followers to promote Our Online Platform and we can pay Good Percentage of commission for each Signup. More details will given upon contact. So...
  5. OndaWire

    Can someone give my concrete advice

    Hi Everyone. I do tech reviews and a company just sent me a product for free. I want to do a review on it but would that be considered sponsorship and do I have to check the box when uploading that the video that it was sponsored even though it was free? Thanks for the help in advance
  6. Matt Rizos

    Safest Way to Collect Funds for a Sponsored Video?

    Hey Guys. I'm starting to get quite a few companies that want me to create sponsored videos for them. I was thinking about using paypal, but I'm worried about the crazy chargeback stories I hear about. Is there a better, safer way to collect these funds? Thanks!
  7. FunWithTheBugs

    Sponsored Video - Any Advice?

    I was recently contacted by a seller on Amazon who would like to sponsor a video of ours to review their product. Is their anything we need to know or need to be weary of before we say okay? Their terms were to make a 5 minute video, they will tell is what time to release it, we add them into...
  8. R

    Making Money...

    lets talk about the all important ... MONEY with there being a side to YouTube of fun and entertaining if your not making any money from it you can't improve your content I want to know if there is any site with NO subscriber minimum that is like fame bit again I'm not all about the money for...