1. Kello5103

    Gaming Looking for people to join my Minecraft SMP [13-17]

    I'm looking for other people to join my YouTuber custom modded SMP (Java) Add me on Discord for questions [Kello#5103] Discord Server (Click) I most likely be able to respond to comments on here because I don't check this website often.

    Gaming Clan SMP (minecraft java)

    Hello, clan smp is a modded 1.18 smp for small youtubers. It has the origins mod and midevil origins, i will make anyone a skin for the origin they choose. other notes: please be under 16 (most people in it are around 13) have a youtube or twitch channel (most people in the smp have under 100...
  3. I

    Gaming Dawn SMP {Minecraft Java} {1.17.1} {Vanilla} {Survival} {18+} {Whitelisted}

    Dawn SMP is a Vanilla Survival server for YouTubers/Streamers of any size aiming to make Minecraft content in a community environment. We do not limit based Subscribers/Followers and accept people based on their Minecraft and content creation skills. The server is currently still being set up...

    Gaming i can’t figure out how to delete this thread i don’t have the smp anymore

    I have a small youtube channel with 60 subs and I run a vanilla smp like hermitcraft, for small youtubers/streamers if you would like to join, message me on my discord: FUNBENDYGIRL#3804 also please be younger that 18 so its not weird
  5. zordhalo

    Gaming Minecraft Collab ( Smp? )

    Hey Guys! My name is Luke and I have been developing a Minecraft server for the past couple of weeks. I am almost done and I need some content creators. It has a huge map and loads of cool plugins, there will also be amazing events so that will definitely be good content. If you would like to...
  6. E

    Gaming Minecraft videos

    Hi looking for people how wants to play and record on an SMP. we have everything done just need some more people to record with. to join you must have discord since we need to plan when to record and stuff. since you cant put links on here pm me on discord to join the fun EmzzyPemzzy#9786
  7. Aaron Blaze


    [NO MORE SPOTS REMAINING] [DISCONTINUED] Hello everyone, First,let me introduce myself. I'm Aaron Blaze- a YouTuber with over 300...
  8. Jackpat02rules

    Gaming Looking for a collab on these games.

    Hello, I am looking for people to collab with on PC. I have TF2, Minecraft, Gmod, Terraria and Heroes and Generals. I would like someone of any gender who fit this criteria. 12+ 60+ subs Must be active enough on channel If you feel you are fitting these criteria, please add me on Discord...
  9. D

    Gaming Minecraft SMP Series on PC

    Hello all, my YouTube is DecPlayzIt and my Twitch is OnlyDekkiHD. I'm currently setting up a SMP series on Minecraft. And am looking for YouTuber's/Twitch streamers to join in the series, we will be running it for roughly 2 months, it doesn't matter how big your channel is, or how small, no age...
  10. Creeforple

    Gaming Ascetic Craft Season 2 Looking for players

    Hey we're looking for some youtubers to join our multiplayer series on minecraft called Ascetic Craft we are looking for youtubers big or small you can have 1 sub and still make it in but there are some requirements :( 1. Upload Ascetic Craft at lease once every 2 weeks 2. be 15 or turning 15...
  11. Creeforple

    Gaming Minecraft SMP

    Hey everyone me and a few friends are starting a new season of our vanilla SMP series called Ascetic Craft and we need a few new people There are a few requirements though Upload a video on Ascetic Craft at least once every 2 weeks The youngest we accept at the moment is 14 Good quality...
  12. Creeforple

    Gaming Minecraft SMP

    Hey everyone me and a few friends are starting a new season of our vanilla SMP series called Ascetic Craft and we need a few new people, There are a few requirements though Upload a video on Ascetic Craft at least once every 2 weeks The youngest we accept at the moment is 15 Good quality...
  13. OfficialRPGames

    Gaming Mature (kinda) Minecraft SMP Players Needed

    Background- My friend and I have run many servers together in the past, and the issue we find is that it ends up being just us, he's not a youtuber, but I am, and we both want a community on the server of more than just us, preferably 15-20 players who are on regularly at least once every other...
  14. Dark2W

    Minecraft SMP EP:6

    Check out my channel for the video also if you like it check out the whole series thank you guys :D!
  15. Dark2W

    Minecraft SMP EP:3! Prank day!

    Check out my channel VVV We did some easy but funny pranks!
  16. Dark2W

    *NEW* Minecraft SMP Collab

    Check out the series! Episode 0 is on my channel and episode 1 will be uploaded Friday!Ep:1 tomorrow!
  17. JMPYT

    Gaming (PEOPLE NEEDED) Minecraft SMP Server Opening

    Hey everyone. Today I am launching a Minecraft SMP server. We are looking for about 10 to 15 people starting out. We currently have 3 people on here. If you are interested in joining, please comment below. This will be a fun community to play on and collab with others. This is going to be...
  18. Jefferson Vidmore

    Gaming MCPE YouTube collabs! SMP,

    MCPE, YouTubers needed for collabs, im new to YouTube I do Minecraft,, Hungry Shark Evolution, and more Videos. I've been on YouTube for about 3-4weeks and would like to collab with other MCPE YouTubers -Requirments- Subcribers 50+ views 1,000+ videos (no required amount) must have...
  19. JMPYT

    Gaming Minecraft SMP Server Group

    Hey guys, my name is JumpyMotionPictures and today I want to announce that I am launching a Minecraft SMP server. This will be for about 5 or so people (it can be more, just for starting out right now though), to play vanilla Minecraft. Here are some requirements you must have though: - At least...
  20. Pugini

    Gaming Looking to Start a Minecraft SMP

    Hey everyone, My name is Pugini and my friend and I are looking into starting an SMP. We are looking for people who are 16+ although that can be negotiable. There are no sub, view, experience requirements, as we are both new to the YouTube scene. You MUST be LGBT+ friendly. We sometimes...
  21. Sibernethy

    Weirdest Minecraft Lag I've Ever Witnessed

    Watch and laugh folks, watch and laugh as three clowns try to play on a Minecraft server we began a video on. Everything goes weird and wonky, and it's all related to lag!
  22. R

    Gaming Minecraft SMP Collab!

    Hey guys! So I'm thinking of doing a Minecraft SMP (RainbowSMP) for my YouTube channel! I already have a few members, but I'm having trouble finding more so I came here! Anyways, here are the requirements for the SMP. 1) You actively post on your YouTube channel 2) You have Skype, to talk to...
  23. R

    Gaming Minecraft SMP Applications

    Hey all, I'm trying to find some people fora Minecraft SMP series. THe only requirements are that you're 12-15 years old, and have an active channel. This SMP will be like any other, nothing too different. It will be in either 1.9/1.10, not to sure on that yet. Also, when making an application...
  24. Ryan/Bynoptic

    Gaming Quadrant SMP Season 2 {Recruiting} {YouTubers} {Cube/Mindcrack-Like}

    Hello everyone, Quadrant SMP is now recruiting for season 2! After a wildly successful season 1, which lasted since last October, Quadrant is ready to move on to season 2. Season 2 will be completely vanilla in 1.9, and will be UHC regen only. Meaning that you can only regen hearts through...
  25. S

    Gaming Minecraft Collaboration (SMP and more!) :D

    I was wondering if anyone was up for a minecraft collaboration. I currently own a SMP and am trying to get some more people to join. If you are not up to join a SMP, maybe we could record a survival games or something related. You will need to have HD content (720p) with no in game lag. A good...
  26. Bobbyboost100

    Gaming Psychotic Cynics SMP is Recruiting!

    Hello everyone! So Psychotic Cynics is going ahead and opening the group for applications. We'd love to get people in this but of course as one could imagine, it's difficult to find people who are looking for a group. So here we are! We are open for all types of people. Basically accepting to...
  27. Aze

    Gaming Looking for a CrazyCraft 3.0 SMP

    Hello yttalk! I am looking to collaborate with an existing group of Minecraft Youtubers who's doing a CrazyCraft 3.0 let's play series. It's also okay if you are new, or quite far ahead in the game already, as I understand that this modpack has been out for quite a while now (I'm new to the mod...