Gaming Psychotic Cynics SMP is Recruiting!

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Mar 25, 2016
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Hello everyone! So Psychotic Cynics is going ahead and opening the group for applications. We'd love to get people in this but of course as one could imagine, it's difficult to find people who are looking for a group. So here we are! We are open for all types of people. Basically accepting to all people. I won't lie, we aren't perfect but surely we can try! So far I'd think we've done good, now all we need is you. If you aren't in a group and looking for one then we are the place for you! If you could fill out the application below that would be great!

1. Ethics are important i.e. No benefits for friends/Gf/Bf
2. Events may occur i.e. pranks, trolling other servers, etc.
3. No griefing our server
4. Everyone is equal i.e. Race/Gender
5. Must be voted in with application
6. No begging for jobs
7. Only a few get in at a time
8. Recommendations are allowed but don't give special treatment
9. Don't be a d**k to others
10. No trolling/spamming our group.
11. Accept crass humor, don't be hyper-sensitive
12. Person being joked about must not be offended, or tell the joker to stop.
13. No lying/offensive secrets/Making up stuff
14. If you brake rules, you are eligible for probation, a mute, or a ban.
15. If respected enough, job may raise
16. Rules are eligible to be changed at any time

1. Timezone:
1.5: State / Country:
2. Age(16+):
3. Youtube:
4. IGN:
5. Name:
6. Skype:
7. Twitter:
8. How long have you been playing Minecraft?:
9. Were you in another group? If so, why did you leave?:
10. Why Psychotic Cynics?
11. time dediction, do you have a job?:
12: Are you okay with your username being online?:
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