1. obscurimity

    The FURRY Ouija Board

    Two friends accidentally spawn the most unholy of creatures whilst eating cheese doodles. NSFW. Hope you enjoy it!
  2. DrakeVegas

    Comedy Youtube Show "House Of Adopted Adam" Looking For Male Role

    Hey everyone, My name is Drake Vegas an internet producer, writer, director I am currently creating a youtube collab show called "House Of Adopted Adam". House Of Adopted Adam is about this 16 year old Adam Harrison who finds out he is adopted on his 16 birthday and his whole life changes as he...
  3. C

    Comedy YouTube Drama Skit Collaberation

    I cool new skit idea and need help pulling it off. I just need people to send me videos of them roasting my channel to simulate YouTube drama if your interested reply or message me on YouTube on one of these Channels ScumCuckler or ShockHumorTV I will send you clips of me roasting your channel...
  4. Bewilderment

    Short Live Action Fallout Skit

    Here is a skit I did for one of my all time favorite games.
  5. Bewilderment

    Comedy Collab

    Looking to collab for skits and what not
  6. Bewilderment

    Short Live Action Fallout Skit

    Here's a really short skit I did for one of my favorite games of all time.
  7. Kai Kay

    Comedy Teen, Family-friendly comedy channel looking for someone to act in short sketch....

    I have written a very short sketch where I need another teen to pretend that they are having a video chat with me. All lines can be self-taped and sent to me afterwards, for editing into the sketch, so, you can be based anywhere in the world :) I will list your channel in the video's...
  8. FaceplantStu

    Comedy lets give eachother a shoutout! - 2,000+ subs

    My name is FaceplantStu and i have over 2,000 subscribers. i am looking for someone with1,000+ subs to collab with me, this would include giving a shoutout at the end of eachothers videos and showing a clip from there preferred video.
  9. Johnny_Seagull

    Dialling Your Own Number

    Haven't posted one of my videos here before, so ding-ding-ding here's my latest sketch! Enjoy.
  10. MrDooney

    Voice Acting Need Voice Actors For A Skit :)

    So I have an idea for a supply drop skit for Call of Duty, and I need 2 voice actors. Preferably male, with a moderate to deep tone. And you need Skype, and a mic that doesn't sound like :poop: haha. I already have most of the script prepared, so you can get started immediately. What I want...
  11. Jacob Pyle

    Other Skit Cameo

    I'm looking for a girl who has very good acting skills to make a small quick cameo in our April Fools skit for Pyle and Company. You can either tape your material ahead of time or we'll meet together via Skype and do it! If you have any questions, or if interested, let me know!
  12. paigelknowles

    This is my newest video!!!

    Hey look I made a funny video that will make laugh!!! Whether it be with me or at me it doesn't matter if you're laughing =] If you like this video make sure you SUBSCRIBE and turn on channel notifications so you can stay up to date with my latest uploads! I upload at least once a week!! Thanks...
  13. Kyle Janulis

    Guitar talk!

    Just a short 30-second sketch we put together! What do you all think? I know the quality could be improved as well as the sound but other than that any good?
  14. javacentral

    Other Collaboration with the Javaman?

    So I do coffee videos right? I've always wanted to collaborate with someone and make a kick butt awesome video. Now we don't need to do a coffee video. Heck I can dance around, do an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation, act a fool, or whatever. Just hit me up and maybe we can get something going!
  15. Kairos Mom

    New YouTuber Problems | Collab with YT Talker Shy Girl!!

    Hey guys this is my first collab, featuring YT Talk's very own Shy girl. Its a comedy, heart to heart of being a new YouTuber and putting out your very best! Enjoy!
  16. D

    Review on my last video?

    Hey guys! I uploaded a video about how my Valentine's Day was.... So I would love it if you would watch my video and maybe give it a like and maybe a comment if you liked it as I say I LOVE constructive feedback! Thank you so much guys and happy late Valentine's!
  17. Deon Greenwood


    newish youtuber, with 60 subs and over 1,200 views from 4 videos. looking for a collab! a skit, challenge or prank!
  18. thezebraluver42

    Meet Up/Gathering Collab wanted! :)

    Hey! I'm Cheyenne. I'm 13. I mostly do comedy skits and such. but I can do anything I'm interested in. I want someone who is around my age. preferably a girl check out my channel. I think my link on here is broken haha. Just type in zebraluver42 on youtube and you'll find me. I have give or take...
  19. Viggystar

    Comedy Looking for people to collab with

    if you live near Indiana Let me know so we can meet up and if not we can still skype in figure something out. I need People for skits!. Check my channel out before wanting to collab.
  20. L

    Comedy Philadelphia, skits

    Im a new YouTuber that started making videos and looking to collab with others. I don't have a big following but I'm trying to get started.
  21. Devin Spell

    [Skit] Tips n Tricks for Combine in BO3

    I made a tips n tricks video for Combine, but with a skit/comedy spin on it :P
  22. JoshE Video

    Comedy Short clip you can send me (Collaboration-Apple parody)

    Hi, my name is Josh (JoshE Video) and I am looking to collaborate with some people. I currently have 264 subscribers so I am looking for people in that range. I also want people with somewhat similar content such as comedy, shorts, skits and effects stuff. You would be recording around a 20...
  23. 8FrameFilms

    Birthday Wish

  24. 8FrameFilms

    Pictionaughty (Pictionary Parody)

    [Pre warning: Slightly rude]