1. Courtney Candice

    Pokémon go put me in an awkward situation

  2. Courtney Candice

    Bad hair day

    everyone knows what it's like to have a bad hair day, so I made this short skit about it!
  3. TheMileHighFiveClub

    Age of Empires priests can sell you anything

  4. vCadge

    Request Banner and/or Icon needed!

    Hey, im Cadge... I do pranks, skits and other pour my soul into editing :crying: I DESPERATELY need some channel art and am willing to pay depending on the quality. Send me some examples or contact me on Skype @ irbyhl and i'll talk to you! Thanks xD
  5. Jacob_Dessauer

    Comedy Looking for someone to colab in the Northern Indiana/Chicago area

    I'm out in Stark County Indiana but am very flexible to travel. I focus on doing comedy skits that focus on a sort of shock factor. I am not posting at the moment but I am rebuilding my channel to focus around two main skits, one being the "Magical Deep Sea Adventure!" series and another around...

    Comedy Collabs in the RALEIGH / NORTH CAROLINA AREA

    We're looking for anyone who may be close to Raleigh NC to collab with us. We do pranks, challenges, toilet paper forts, and a lot more. Check out our channel to see if you'd be interested! If you're interested let me know and we can decide on what to create/where to go from there. I have lots...
  7. MasterDF

    Let's Play: GARBAGE

    Check it out, and let me know what you think :)
  8. Rezazzer

    skit collab?

    YO! I am a youtuber that makes comedy skits and I want to do a collab with someone.
  9. Everything Supreme

    Mom Roasts Me!!!

    I would appreciate if you all went and checked out this video and leave me some feedback on how I did. Also if you liked it check out some of my other videos and even subscribe. Thanks Everyone!!!
  10. MasterDF


    Check out my new video! Let me know what you think!
  11. LegallyBlack

    Comedy American VS England Collab anyone? (500+ Subs) (Anyone in England?)

    (We need your help!!) :help: I have an American channel and we need someone in England to help us with this. This American VS England idea is meant to be a comedy skit. We want to highlight some of the things that our country is known for (Positives and negatives) Especially now that Trump got...
  12. CatTagz

    MY ROOM IS HAUNTED!! (Horror Skit)

    Hey im Leo and i just finished making a sample skit for my YouTube channel. Its a very short horror skit and i want you onest opinions on it, how can i improve, did you like it etc. Again its just a sample for future skits, thanks / Leo ;)
  13. Ms. Niambi Ayanna

    Other Let's Collab!!!! :)

    Hey guys! I am a new YouTuber and I would love to collaborate with some people to bring more traffic to my channel and just have fun working with someone that shares the same interest in me. My channel is mostly giving advice through a skit playing a therapist. It would be cool if I could have...
  14. Johnny_Seagull

    THE CURSED SKULL (Halloween Skit)

    Its halloween again, the time of year I go to the discount shops, buy a whole bunch of cheap halloween rubbish and use it for a video.
  15. chillion


    I hit 100 subs so I thought I would make a video to celebrate that, including my very famous Mary Jane, and awkward dancing, ENJOY!
  16. chillion


    This has to be one of my best comedy videos, and it is also a collab with my really good friend Dustan! Its a unique skit but its guaranteed to make you laugh!
  17. MasterDF

    Clown Shows You How It's Done

    A funny skit, please check it out :)
  18. DrakeVegas

    Comedy Three In A Modern State New Youtube Collaboration Comedy Show

    Hey everyone, I am currently making an internet show called "Three In A Modern State" which includes different people from all over the world playing in it and filming there parts. The show is scripted and I really want to make this show, its like a TV show but its on the internet. Maybe this...
  19. javacentral

    Did a skit with the help from another yttalker.

    So me and Zany Ed decided to work on a skit idea together and made this bit of goodness. Even though he isn't physically in it, I did want to shout him out for helping inspire the idea. It was my first one like this (other than my 'how to drink coffee' video). Let me know if you like it, dislike...
  20. chillion


    my recent comedy video is a rant about the festive season and random days throughout the year, and a lot of donuts... enjoy!
  21. C

    Gaming Game

    Any other interesting, or appropriate offers are welcome as well. I look forward to your responses fellow content creators :) - Sincerely...
  22. chillion


    I recently uploaded a video with a funny, dramatic and unique take on bottle flipping. I may be quite late to this trend... because the trend is dead... but I'd still love it if you'd check it out. I'm not too proud of the video, and I feel like I could have done a lot better, and made it less...
  23. Christopher Johnson

    Why Do Black People Die First?!

    I don't watch many horrors but have any of you guys ever noticed that in horror movies the black guys always die first? LOL. Something sounds fishy here. Let me know if you agree ;)
  24. Salt Report

    Salt Report - Russian p**n Ban!

    Russia gets hit with a banwave blocking two major sites this week! Understandably, this got internet warriors up in arms. Find out more in this episode of SALT REPORT! We're testing out a new format for our videos; it turned out remarkably different than our channel's first upload, and we think...
  25. Ninja

    Misunderstanding | Comedy Short Film

    Leave a 'LIKE', all the cool kids are doing it! You're cool right?
  26. TheMix

    Behind The Scenes?

    We create many skits on our channel and our editor has kept all of the footage for each of these videos. We're kind of on the edge on releasing behind the scenes moments for each video respectively. Do you think it's worth the effort? Will our audience enjoy them? What are your previous...
  27. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I just posted a new video and it is very different from what I usually post. Instead of posting gameplay I just posted a comedy skit on pokemon go and I would just like to know some tips to improve next time. THANKS!!! Link-
  28. Conight

    How could I make learning fun?

    So soon I leave my home country of England to live in Japan. (before you say anything my reasons for living are not the stereotypical nerd reasons) I already know basic conversational skills and basic writing skills however once I get there for the first year of my new live will be attending a...
  29. A

    Comedy Slit collab

    Whats up guys, i've just started my channel and currently only have 1 video and no subscribers. If anyone wants to do a colab with me that would be super appreciated. Pls check out my channel and leave your feedback in the comments Thanks
  30. Cyka Doge

    CS:GO Skit writing partners.

    Hey guys! I was thinking of making some skits in cs:go just to see what comes from it. I asked my friends but they're all on vacation. So if you think you'd be interested in helping me write some of the script then message me on skype. Skype - unlockedproductions (Dat Boi)