1. O

    Community Tab (New Feature)

    YouTube is now beta testing with popular YouTubers their new Community Tab feature. It will soon be available to everyone on YouTube. It allows the ability to post and share links, pictures etc in the subscriber feed. Say Goodbye to Multiple Channels YouTube has had a feature for a few years...
  2. J

    How to get rich! - Stealing The Diamond

    I hope you enjoy! Thank you so much for taking your time to watch my video! Please SUBSCRIBE, and have a great day!!!
  3. J

    The House 1 - Horror Game

    Thanks for watching, and please SUBSCRIBE!!
  4. Adelle

    Facebook Let's Exchange Likes & Shares!

    So, I'm a small youtuber. I don't have many likes on my facebook page for my youtube, and I want to grow more. If you like my page, I'll be sure to give your page a like and check it out! I feel that if we support one another, then anything can be accomplished. So, what do you say? You tell...
  5. xBlazingStar94x

    Does YouTube give you confidence & help you grow as a person?

    I ask this because it gave me a little bit more confidence but also a lot of people find comfort in the community. The amount of people that have used YouTube to talk about their life stories is incredible, in my personal opinion. I am making this thread to read some of your stories and...
  6. Maarij Bashir


    Alright! I have passed 1000 views in a month! AWESOME!!! That's really all I had to say. Anyways thanking you all who have been watching my videos! I've got more surprising ones coming next week! Stay tuned ;)
  7. lifeofed

    Vlog Vlogger with 495 SUBS Looking for collab!

    Hey guys im a Forex trader who vlogs day to day activites. Check out my channel and see if a collaboration is something you would be interested in. HIT ME UP WITH IDEAS! THANKS :)
  8. Goin' All Gamer

    The Google+ Gaming Communities are Dead....

    So I know this post will really only apply to gamers but for the last year now I've been using Google+ communities to share my videos in an effort to grow my views. And it worked for a while but not only I actually met other small YouTubers and got involved with a small community it was great...
  9. iMSaiyan

    Has anyone shared their videos with your family/and or friends?

    "Has anyone shared their videos with THEIR family and or friends?"*** How did they react? or respond. Did they support you or were like "HAH you'll never make it." type of attitude. I've still been contemplating whether or not I should post on my FB and let people know. Because you know, your...
  10. D


    Greetings! I am writing to you with a request. We shot a short film titled Kurent with intention of introducing traditional Slovenian mask and our rich cultural heritage to viewers across the world. Our video has been submitted to one of the biggest indie film competitions, My RØDE Reel...
  11. and_the-teddy_bach

    "Share This" Annotations?

    Hi everyone. I want my viewers to be able to click the share link on my end-card. Now I have permanently trouble adding a link to the annotations that executes a share. Any idea how to get around it?
  12. RizzleyVlogs

    Finally at 1000 views!

    We've finally got to over 1000 views! Our first proper milestone!
  13. 6

    Video Sharing

    Does anyone know any good video sharing websites
  14. Pierre Maynard

    The Seekers Season 1 Episode 5 "Get A Job"

    Peter has nightmares about getting a job, due to the amount of hard work that has to be put in. He wakes up to find out his nightmare becomes reality. The Seekers is back once again, and even funnier this time. Let me know in the comments what you though of this Video I would really Appreciate...
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