1. TGP02

    The Gaming Patriot-Ways to Improve

    Hello fellow members of Youtube and Yttalk, I would love to ask of you some ways I can improve on YouTube. Here are the things I would like to see: Video/Audio Quality, Editing, Promotion and creating a schedule. Thanks! I hope to see you soon. :)
  2. TheDailyGoatShow

    What is your video posting routine?

    Just curious. I work around a fulltime job and try to upload a new video every Wednesday. Having little time most days, I sometimes scramble to post a video. It took a while but I now have about 2-3 videos on deck so that if I miss a week I still have one posting. It also allows me to be able to...
  3. Emuhleigh

    The Week of Fallout 4

    Just because I'm the world's biggest procrastinator, I've decided to make a schedule to keep myself on track and you guys updated. This is for the week of Nov. 29th - Dec.5th ONLY (except for Thursday, I will always have a video uploaded on that day). I've got some cool stuff planed, Including...
  4. FanoBelmont

    Building an effective Schedule

    Hello guys. I want to hear you opinion on this topic and see if anyone has any particular tips or strategies that have worked for you. I focus on gaming videos, but I don't think this should be limited to gaming. As I am starting to create content, I get more and more excited with the...
  5. ChineseIrish

    Any Vloggers In The House?

    I love the idea of making a daily vlog. But realistically, I can't figure out how to make the time to have a life worth vlogging, (i.e. working, going out and doing things, meeting people), while vlogging, and then editing and uploading everyday. Was wondering if anyone on this thread has...