1. Jared Poirier

    Other Small Youtuber's Rewind

    Hey GUYS! I missed you folks I havent been around in a while. So heres what this post is about, im doing my own version of Youtube rewind where each youtuber submits a story from their year on Youtube. If you want to participate please record your 30 second - 1 min story and send it to...
  2. M

    What made YouTube 2018?

    What events/people do you think defined YouTube 2018? I'd definitely say the Pauls, boxing, shane, fousey and PewDiePie were the major game-changers this year on YouTube. TBH, i don't think most of these things would make it onto YouTube rewind though because last year YouTube included...
  3. DoggoMC

    YouTube Rewind 2016 Upload Date!

    So on the YouTube Twitter they tweeted "Just going to leave this here... #Rewind2016" with a picture of some seemingly random things lined up, but if you look, these objects spell out "DEC 7 2016". So, mark the date! Rewind 2016 will be out on the 7th of December!
  4. JamiesVlogUK

    Other MINI REWIND 2016

    Hey Guys, I know its been a while since we spoke but I thought I announce that the Mini Rewind is Still On! With work being a pain it been hard to put together ideas or reply to most of the email so I do apologise :( Anyway, if you remember a while back I put a thread up talking about an idea...
  5. FraYoshi

    Lazy Boosting old videos

    Do u ever review your old published contents? Sometime I "rewind" them and boost my tags, add a subtitle, share it again... But It takes a lot of time... (to me) Do You ever make these kind of power ups on your channels?