1. JayZippo

    Uploaded a video 1080 60fps and Youtube only has it at 360p?!

    So the video I uploaded is the same I always load... this is 2 1/2 hours after I uploaded it. Is it really taking that long? Should I reupload?! This is what i get: Anyone else having issues?!? Thanks!
  2. Lauramillanmu

    Help! Video lags on 1080p

    Hi everyone! I'm Laura and I'm fairly new with Youtube and with editing. Lately I've been having this problem with my videos in which, in Youtube, lines appear whenever there is movement in 1080p (if you want to see what I'm talking about, just watch the intro of my newest video, lines...
  3. Aerdian

    Sound off in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

    Hello, I did some rendering and exporting for my YouTube channel today, but after a few hours, all my gameplays finished and a large majority of them contained off audio. The sound was coming before the video. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  4. JonnyPie

    Best Editing Software

    Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier Pro, or maybe some other software that no one has heard about? Maybe Sony Vegas and Premier Pro are equal from your experience Suggestions, help me. Most helpful person gets lifetime supply of mountain dew
  5. JonnyPie

    Sony Vegas vs Adobe Premier Pro

    Hi men, women boys and animals of yttalk, I just wanted to know what you guys think is the superior editing software between SOny Vegas and Adobe Premier Pro. I have only used Sony Vegas so I am not sure about Premier Pro. Which one has more accessible effects, and altogether which program do...
  6. WillDP

    Rendering Videos in Premiere Pro

    So whenever I render videos in 1080p60 then post it on YouTube, it ends up looking way worse on YouTube. I currently use adobe premiere pro and I have watched countless videos on how to render videos yet it always looks way worse on the actual YouTube video. Is there some setting I have to...
  7. Shehzad

    The Video Editing Effects That I Use (What are yours?)

    The four main ones I use is (In Sony Vegas): Colour Corrector(Secondary) Saturation Adjust Colour Curves Sharpen What effects do you guys use, I'd be interested to know since I can try it out too.
  8. Nick Nicolaou

    Can't get decent MP4 quality for Youtube

    Hello everyone I do apologize if this has come up before but I've spent the last few days trying find a solution to my problem but to no avail. I'm trying to set up a gaming channel on Youtube and for the past few days I've been recording gameplay footage using a variety of software: OBS...
  9. SpiderGoose

    Upload Quality Problems?

    So I've been testing out how to get the best quality out of my uploads and I'm having a problem because my rendered video looks nice, and then once uploaded to youtube, it looks a lot worse than the rendered video. Anyone know any possible solutions? And yes, the video has been uploaded in...
  10. H

    hey guys rendering in 4k?

    Hey guys I was wondering what would the implications be if I rendered a video in sony vegas with 4k and 60 fps. I have a amd fx 8350 so rendering times aren't a problem I was just wondering if I was to upload to YouTube would it be ok or is the efficiency of the clip not be worth it?