reaction videos

  1. T

    I have an idea that I need help with, please help!

    I used to make paranormal videos of myself contacting the dead through EVP and due to religious beliefs I can no longer do it. So, I have decided to make paranormal reaction videos and short horror film reaction videos. My problem is, i can't figure out how make them. Should I make them under...
  2. S

    Will I be eligible for monetization for a Reaction Channel?

    I react to top 10 and top 5 videos. I do not react to music videos and movie trailer, just other people content that does top 5 and top 10. I think it falls into fair use so it should be fine? I know I have a new channel based on reacting to scary top 5 and 10's and I don't wan't to keep...
  3. RashadTheCreator

    Reaction Video Tips & Tricks?

    Anyone that does reaction videos have any tips for me? I will start doing reaction videos pretty soon and was wondering if there is anything to know before hand or anything I should be doing or keeping in mind while editing? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated thanks!
  4. RashadTheCreator

    Reaction Videos - Fair Use Question

    Hey guys! I've recently decided to start doing reaction videos, and i wanted to know what the fair use policy is regarding these videos. Obviously I cant put full episodes of programmes or trailers in my video, but what are the actual grey areas im allowed to operate within? Thanks in advance!
  5. KpopIsEternal

    Reaction video editing?

    Hi I've been looking for free editing software for reaction videos, if anyone has ideas or can help me, let me know :)
  6. KpopIsEternal

    would you rather...

    If you were to watch my channel, would you rather.. reaction videos or watch edited ones with things put together? I've been thinking about this but because I don't have many subscribers it's hard t ask them what type of content they'd like to see. Maybe you can help me :)
  7. Julia and Claire

    Which screen recorder? Want to film reaction

    We want to film a reaction video where we have the video we are watching in the corner of the screen, and us watching that video live. We've heard Quicktime has a screen recorder, which we've tried, but it's extremely jerky. We've also tried a few other screen recorders that were pretty basic...
  8. Justoshow

    Thoughts on "reaction" vids?

    Lately I've been seeing a pattern on YT. It seems to blow up all you have to do is do "reaction" videos and or mean prank vids. Not knocking anyone hustle, but whats your thoughts of that? To me its like selling out, but thats just me. Not trying to start any mess to the reactors here.
  9. ItzAlecYTalk

    Good cameras for entertainment videos

    what are some good quality cameras for story time videos and reaction videos and vlogs?
  10. B

    React FineBros type videos and Copyright?

    I know this topic has probably done to death because reaction type videos are popular and easy to do. I have been looking into copyright and youtube and from my research and I am still a little confused after my research into if this is ok. So my understanding is commentary and criticism is...
  11. BubbleJunk

    Do you do daily vlogs?

    I'm thinking about doing daily vlogs or every other day. Only I'm not too sure what to talk about most of the time. Did you struggle starting vlogs and eventually get better at it? Did you always know what to talk about or pick random topics? Was it an actual vlog or did it vary like reaction...
  12. Sneezy_bih

    Voice Acting Voice acting?

    i honestly have never heard of voice acting on YouTube but what the hell.. My voice is pretty funny to listen too.. Not squeeky but no base in it either lol. Only when I'm sick than its sexy deep lol. I would prefer something upbeat because my voice isn't a depressing voice. Check out my videos...
  13. Rae Talks

    What is Your Set Up for Reaction Videos

    Hey everybody! I've decided to upload more reaction videos to my channel. I've done a few before, but the method I was using doesn't seem to be the most efficient. Any advice for setups for reaction videos? I usually record myself watching the video, then record the music video, commercial...
  14. thejoelwilliamsphere

    YOUTUBE REVIEW CHANNELS! Good or Bad for the community?

    Recently a few youtube review channels have come to my attention that have experienced an insane amount of growth - im talking 400,000 subs in 4 months! Some of these channels post a 2-5 videos a day, every single day of the week on popular trending topics so its no wonder they receive the...
  15. PKGrey

    About Them Reactors?

    So, I did this interview with YouTube Reactor Akasan and during the research beforehand I discovered a lot of people, both inside and outside the YouTube community, don't seem to think too highly of reaction videos. I'm personally impartial myself, but the criticism "Reactors don't contribute...