1. Meneno Gaming


    With some convincing from my friends, I decided to do a Q&A. I thought Id ask people here first so Id get a little more variety on my questions. No limit on what you can ask me and I will be saying your username if you would like! Here are some examples, Why did you start YouTube?, Where do you...
  2. Sophie Gerrard-Smith

    Questions for a Q&A??? :)

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum! ^.^ After having an explore of some of the threads today I was wondering if any of you have interesting/fun questions I could answer in a Q&A video? Questions I get left in the comments are often really generic and repetitive and it would be nice to get something...
  3. MakaylaLynnB

    My first Q&A!!

    As the title says, I would like to have my first Q&A, the only problem is, you cant exactly have a successful Q&A when you only have 23 subscribers, which consist of your own family and friends. All jokes aside, please ask me some questions down below, and ill be sure to answer them in my video...
  4. Video Game Knight

    Anyone Else use Characters?

    When I record I use a, for lack of better word 'character' in my videos. The reason I say it is a lack of a better word is it is pretty much just me in a costume and occasionally I call things that have been screwing me in whatever game I am doing 'peasants'. Anyway, I was just wondering if...
  5. Puck Mitchell

    WHY: Get involved a new series begging the question why.

    So, I'm beginning my new series WHY: I will attempt to tackle any question thrown at me about anything! I edit gameplay however it serves as a backdrop if I talk about whatever else, in this episode I just answered the question as to why dark souls 3 is different, rambled a little but it was...
  6. Kousuke-shii

    Question for Commentators! Scripts or No scripts?

    So, I've started to do commentary videos on my channel. Not the type that has a game playing on the background but the one with tons of editing. (Idk how to explain it just check it out?) So here are the questions... Do you write scripts then follow those scripts while recording your audio? Or...
  7. JeagerSquad

    Topics Needed for youtube

    Yosh! Hello everyone this is VictoryNinja the leader of jeager. Just recently we started a new segment on our channel called JeagerTalk. In this segment we talk about interesting topics that we may have different views on and answer any weird or random questions people may want to ask. So what...
  8. TheGIngerQueen

    150 sub Q&A!

    For my 150 sub special, I want to do a Q&A video. I am 6 subs away from 150, so I figured I should get my questions now. If you send in a question, I'll give you a shout out and add the links to your channel in the description.
  9. UnaverageNorwegian

    Im sick so i really need questions! i will link to your channel!

    Hi good people of youtube, im sick today, so i cant really be out filming, so i thought i could do a "Questions from Youtubers about Norway". I will link to all of your channels in my description.... So now's the time to ask whatever you want about Norway! Dont be shy!
  10. artisourlifeyounow

    In need of advice

    Hello guys , we've recently started our channel Artisourlifeyouknow with my bestfriend and we would like your advice on how to efficiently communicate our ideas , I know how important quality content is but right now I would like to focus a little bit on the sharing/going viral part. What's your...
  11. C

    Help: Elgato Game Capture HD60

    We are just starting out on YouTube. Have all of the equipment now, and have everything set up. But when we recorded a practice video, (on the Elgato Game Capture HD60) the video quality is terrible. The video glitches out really bad. It seems to have recorded that way and we are unsure of why...
  12. O questions

    Hello, I was looking at after seeing it pop uo on this site as a banner. It says you can integrate your Youtube Channel. Does anyone know if once you do all your YouTube Videos are embedded or if they actually get uploaded directly to Also, What exactly is the point of...
  13. Jayjay1k

    Questions about Curse - too good to be true?

    i posted exactly all this stuff on curse's forum but i'd like YTTalk's communit take on this too if you wouldn't mind, as i know this is a Fantastic community. Hello people! :) i've heard wonderful things about the curse network and it's revenue 90/10 thingymadoodie. Also that old partners had...
  14. McKnowItAll

    Doing a Q&A video! Need your questions!:)

    Alright soooo i would love to do a Q&A video butttt there's only one thing i don't have.... that's right i don't have any questions to answer hahah, So that's why i need you guys to ask me some questions! Any questions at all except any really personal questions!:) Thank youuu very much and Have...
  15. paigelknowles

    Okay so I shoot all of my videos from my iPhone...

    I know this is totally acceptable but my question is why would anyone decide or even bother to get an expensive vlog camera if you already own an expensive iPhone. I realize that my examples of people who have done this are only people who have made substantial money from doing this but I still...
  16. Kane J Goodridge

    Doing a QnA! Please post questions! :)

    Hey! I just recently surpassed 100 subscribers (which I'm SUPER happy about!!) and I'm doing a QnA to celebrate! To ensure I get a lot of good questions, can you please post a legitimate question in this thread for me to answer on video? Thanks so much! :)
  17. Bre

    Great Dane Puppy Q&A

    Hey Guys, so I recently brought home my new fur baby. Zoe is a 10 week old great dane puppy, I got her 3 weeks ago.I wanted to introduce her to my viewers on my channel but I feel like most pet tags are pretty basic. So I wanted to do it more Q&A style! If you have can come up with any question...
  18. Musi Gamer

    Ask me a thing... or not... but hopefully you will... maybe.

    I'm doing a Q&A and I need questions to answer because reasons and maybe you are kind enough to give me said questions. If you're not, then poop right in your ear. We don't need your negativity around here. This is a positive place, ya glork.
  19. Julius Gacgacao

    Q and A: Ask me anything?

    I'm gonna do a Q and A in about 2 weeks. So anyone ask me any question.
  20. Mr Danny

    I Have Questions

    Newest Video! This week, I have a lot of unanswered, very "intelligent" questions...
  21. Jessie Ditman


    Hi, I'm Jessie and I wanna create a (Q & A) video but I really don't have that many fans that would ask me questions so please comment any questions you have on me or my channel and it will be in my video! Thank you! :happy:
  22. Eyobel

    First Q&A I have ever done!!

    If you wanna collab and do a Q & A LETS DO tHIS!! IF NOT SEND SOME QUESTIONS ANY TOPIC WILL DO AND PLS GO AS FAR AS YOU WANT TO THANK YOU p.s i havent gone very far
  23. GooberVlogs

    Q & A Questions.... Hit 100 Subscribers

    Wazzup everyone =) I just hit around 105 subscribers and I had people tell me to do a q & a video.. I ask people to ask away on twitter but I don't have that many followers... Can you all shoot me some questions and I will make a video and have your question in the video =)
  24. FraYoshi

    How do You Consider "Channels"?

    I mean.. When Goin' on a channel (with the personal name of the owner) what do You expect to find? i.e. You were watchin' a video Tutorial (that You loved) so You are goin' to that channel... How do You react if You don't find other tutorials but all another kind of videos? Do You sub on the...
  25. Talooka

    Our First Challenge: Blindfolded Rock, Paper, Scissors!

    We finally got out first challenge on the #TalookaTalkBox! Things got a little bit out of hand but that's only because it's our first one. We'll master the art of challenges eventually! Hopefully....
  26. Talooka

    Would you rather always be itchy or always sneezing?

    Would you rather always be itchy or always sneezing? We answer this question in the latest #TalookaTalkBox! Checkitty check it out: Send us questions to answer, topics to talk about, or challenges to do!
  27. Luke Carmichael

    Trying to Decide a new Mic For Gaming

    Hey all, I've recently made the decision to upgrade my Microphone from a Blue Snowball. I've been looking for a Mic that's great at picking up both mine and my friend's voice on a couch. So far I'm torn between the Audio Technica ATR-2500, the Audio Technica ATR-6550, and the Blue...
  28. Arcanum

    Willing to help people with Adobe Premiere, Basic Questions!

    I exclusively use adobe premiere for all my video editing, and some minor After Effects work. As you can tell with my videos being green screened. If you have a question in regards to premiere feel free to ask. I will attempt to answer them if I know how to.
  29. itsnicksnider


    Check out this video please and let me know any feedback you might have!
  30. WeKanGame

    100 Subscriber Q&A with my GF!

    Hello All, My GF and I did a Q&A to mark 100 subscribers! We would love to know what you thought of the video, was the music to loud? Just right? Also did you enjoy watching it! Thank you all who check it out and we hope you have a great day!