1. M

    Music Promoting your music

    Hello, I make A LOT of videos and I dont like searching for a long time for music thats free to use and I dont only want to use music thats in Audio library so if you make your own music and its free to use let me know and I might use it I credit like this Song #1 [song name] by [creator name]...
  2. Adventure Campitelli


    Does anyone use Tumblr to promote their YouTube channel? If so how successful are you or can you tell if its working. I'm not to familiar with Tumblr but looks like an interesting way to direct traffic to your channel.
  3. Bgirl Sonia

    Does this forum brings you viewers/subscribers ?

    Hello ! I am new on the forum so I don't have access to the channel/videos section. I can't post on it yet. Anyways, I wondered if promoting your videos/channel on this forum brought you viewers and subscribers or do your videos disappear under other members videos ?
  4. SmokeySpace

    Places To Promote Your Channel

    Just looking for places to promote my gaming channel, I've tried here, gamespot forums, google+, Reddit, just about anywhere and not too much as worked out that well. Any other suggestions or suggestions for the things I have done that maybe I have done wrong?
  5. Wondering Sounds

    Wondering Sounds - Music Promoting Channel

    Wondering Sounds represents the best of electronic music, deep house, experimental, hip-hop, indie, pop and many more • Information If you would like to be featured on Wondering Sounds, please send a mail to ✉ : with a streaming link (Soundcloud), a download link...
  6. JanPlays_

    Totally Accurate Battle Simulator | SandBox | The War has just begun |

    Hello everyone, in this video I'm playing Tabs in the sandbox mode! I do all sorts of stuff in the video... XD anyways ENJOY! Please Leave a like and subscribe!
  7. Catalin CHirea

    Facebook videos

    Do you share your whole videos on facebook or just a part and ask people to view the rest of the video on youtube? What is the best strategy?
  8. Mandi at Random

    Promoting Videos Through Adsense...worth it or not?

    I have promoted a few videos through Adsense...while I did get quite a few views, attracting new subscribers was low. (using the "general audience" option.) Do you promote through Adsense? If so, what audience targeting options do you find the most helpful for your videos? (I am in the comedy...
  9. twenty

    HOW TO: Get 100 Subscribers the RIGHT way. [Steps]

    Lets get to it! #TwentySaidIt TECHNIQUE #1 Step 1: Use your Twitter account. Dont have one? Create one! Step 2: Get hootsuite [its free].. Step 3: Write a list of 100 tweets about your interests (make sure you use relevant hashtags), now write 20 content/video tweets. Step 4: Between every 5...
  10. The Black Mastadonte

    Advertising on Facebook

    Hey guys. So I recently made a like page via Facebook and I started advertising on Facebook using their promoting service. I'm not sure how good this is for Youtube, so I'm curious to see what you guys think. So, what do you guys think about using Facebook ads to promote your Youtube? Have you...
  11. AntonBro

    pay to promote videos, Good or bad idea?

    I'm starting to realize that i need a boost in viewership so promoting a video seems like a good solution. I just want the option for my videos to appear in the "suggested videos" so people can click and maybe if they like my content they are going to subscribe. Has anyone here ever did this...
  12. bohemianworld

    How I gain some popularity?

    Hi guys. I'm bohemian world. My channel isn't viewed by almost anyone. There is a way to gain more views? There are tricks? My channel is not pretty commercial, 8 bit music, critsism, poems etc... So maybe it will be difficult. There is a way for promoting my channel without looking as a spammer?
  13. O

    Promoting YouTubers. Need opinions

    I thought of this idea and was curious what other YouTubers thought. Who would be interested in me creating a dedicated YouTube Channel promoting other YouTubers along with a blog for these YouTubers? Obviously we would have to figure out the logistics with copyright etc. But I really want...
  14. ItzzEvade

    How do I find communities and promote my channel

    Im a gaming channel and I need help on finding out how to put my channel out there, I know people say twitter or yttalk or other forums but HOW DO YOU FIND PEOPLE, i tried talking to some people (i will admit i did spam two people at the very beginning before i found out it was bad) but then i...
  15. FestusFX

    Best social media to promote your content

    Well, I made epic video's with good quality etc... But my problem was that the video's didn't have many views... I did used some social media to promote the video's but it wasn't effective. But now, some months later, I found a really cool way to promote your content. I made a facebook profile...
  16. LadyAiluro

    Sponsors, Networks, and Such

    Hello friendly peoples of YT Talk, I've been learning more and more about Youtube and what surrounds it, but still so much I don't understand at the same time. Exposure is number one, but how do you go about doing it, without being in peoples faces. I've recently noticed some starting to grow...
  17. paigelknowles

    Do you use Reddit???

    The other day I decided to make an account on reddit but its extremely confusing and seems super antiquated on the desktop version. Is using Reddit to promote videos worth it? from what I understood the only way you can really be found is by people liking you and if you have no followers I don't...
  18. Tyler Boyd

    Where are the best places to post your videos?

    I've tried Google + communities, and I am currently searching for Facebook pages. Where do you guys post yours?
  19. Curious World

    A Problem with Adwords billing for promoting videos

    I've tried now a number of times over the past few days to promote a video. But all I can see on the billing page is this (attached image). I obviously can't fill out the form. I've used Firefox and Safari, and I'm getting the same result. OK, great, so the embedded image isn't showing up...
  20. Tee Vee

    Some tips and tricks!

    Ways to have a bigger audience is by having the viewers you already have engage with you! Make a hashtag if you have a twitter account, if you have a gaming channel, ask your viewers what games they may want you to play. Tell them to leave comments below! You have to let them feel as though they...
  21. Noitartst

    How Do I Learn to Network to Promote My Channel on YouTube?

    What is the networking process? That is what I'm trying to figure out, really, and was looking to ask about that. I'm ready to put in the time, but what do I do, and how? I think it starts from talking to experienced Youtubers about what has worked, and what exactly my content and...