1. CA_Media

    Services CA Media - Channel Revamps, Logos, Banners & Profiles!

  2. Brenden

    Services [FREE] Brenden's Quick Graphics (Banners + others)

    Hey everybody! Welcome to my little nick of the site. I been a member on here for going on 5 years on and off. I had a variety of names from BTurt, to BrendenTurtle and a lot of the old members I remember are long gone. Either way I still love this community for giving me somewhere to discuss my...
  3. M

    Is Google Plus a plus?

    Hey everyone, I've been using Instagram and twitter as my main social media platforms and I was wondering what your thoughts are on Google+ ... since it's pretty much linked directly to youtube, do you think it's the right move to create a G+ profile? Is it worth it, and if so how exactly would...
  4. TheCanadianNeo


    Hey guys i need a profile pic and banner for my channel, if u can make me a better pic than the one on my channel would be great, and a 3D banner.
  5. Rintaro Animations

    Request Logo for 14 YTalk cash?

    Hey, so I'm a new abridge channel, and I was thinking I want an actual logo and channel art instead of what I made on windows paint, and I can't offer much but a little bit of Forum cash... But if your willing to help me that'd be great! Thanks... Someone...?
  6. Nanonium

    Request Profile PIcture

    Request Summary: An animated person at a medium shot view. The character should be standing up and only show the neck and above. The person should be 3d, have brown skin, have glasses on, and have a hat on backward. The hat should be a red snapback with nothing on it. The shirt the animated...
  7. Nanonium

    Request Profile Pic Request

    Payment: I can give you a shoutout IF I end up using it, but that's all I have to offer, sorry. Details: An animated person at a low angle view. The character should be standing up and only show the neck and above. The person should be 3d, have brown skin, have glasses on, and have a hat on...
  8. Nanonium

    The Design Of Channel Banner And Profile Picture

    I'm not good with what looks good and what looks ugly, what suggestions can you give for a design for a channel banner or profile picture and what things do you suggest which should be on either the channel banner of profile picture
  9. Surrendead

    New Channel, how is the banner and profile pic?

    Hi everyone, just recently started working on my youtube channel and I created my own profile pic and banner but just wanted some thoughts and opinions on it. Thanks! Also just curious if anyone is familiar but how fast do you all typically expect to increase your subscriber count?
  10. DisStalker

    Request Profile Picture-Free

    I'm looking for a profile picture that looks kinda like this I would like the jacket to be rainbow and the binocular lens's to be bigger with brown eyes in them and for there to be a big smile (not creepy). The background can be black or something. I would like it to be free, I know this is a...
  11. K

    Request I need a profile picture and banner for my channel

    Hello! I am a fairly new gaming youtuber and i need a channel picture and banner for free..Can anybody make me one?
  12. BMHD

    What do you think?

    Hi Guys! I just changed my banner and profile picture. How does it look?
  13. Meneno Gaming


    Okay so I really need a new profile picture for YouTube! (I Hope Someone Reads This and Not Like The Other Attempts) There are two styles I would be okay with. -More cool animated version of me (I could send you a picture of myself) -Make a unique logo. ( M as my letter) If you where to do...
  14. T

    Request Need Some Quality Channel Art For My Mate!

    Hey everybody I am a new Youtuber who has been doing it for a month and has about 145 subscribers. My friend wants to follow up this by making his own channel and I would like somebody to make some quality channel art for him. Thanks everybody I would really appreciate if you would help out...
  15. Adamsy

    Request Profile Picture/Outro card (10€ G2A GiftCard = 5€ each)

    Hey everyone i'm looking for a looking for someone to make me a profile picture and outro card. Profile Picture: (i would like to have all the edited files, psd, vector(eps), jpeg, etc....) I will send u some of my pictures and i would love to have a cartoony version of it. examples: Outro...
  16. Rektolodeon

    Services Free Channel Banner/Pic and 3D Intros

    Hello and welcome to my post. I am willing to do free banners and profile pictures for anyone interested along with free 3d intros. I am on the newer side of things with graphic design but am seasoned when it comes to doing intros. Add me on skype by searching rektolodeon so that we can discuss...
  17. T

    Request Can anybody make me a professional profile icon and intro for youtube!

    I need professional looking icon and intro to help my youtube channel. My channel is called Ts7 and I do star wars battlefront vids + other random games (take this into consideration). I have about 25 subs and I have been doing yt a week now. I would like a smooth intro and a cool icon with the...
  18. Yusef472

    Channel re-design!

    Hey! My channel art needed an update so I got it done! I rather like it but what do you guys think? I'm happy to do a review of your's also! -Yusef
  19. D

    Request [FREE] Thumbnails for my Youtube Channel

    I have a youtube channel that only livestreams various games such as TF2 and League of Legends. I don't really upload but the livestreams upload to my channel, so they count as videos. I ask anyone to make only one thumbnail I could use for all my uploads. Just one. Channel: Duck_head_man...
  20. Vincenzo Godinho

    How does my channel art and profile picture look.

    Just made my new channel art and profile picture. How does it look?
  21. ItsMeIky


    Hi everyone! I'm doing intros,outros and channel art designs! I did many channel art designs and people were amazed. I will make you a intro/outro/channel art for a shootout (basically you are promoting my channel on yours). *Your channel has to have over 5 k subs.* I had a channel that had...
  22. Becky Keegan

    Reacting To Old Profile Pictures

    So here is this week's video, where I embarrassingly go through images of the early days of me being on Facebook...oh the joy.
  23. PenguinKingdom

    Services [BUY CHEAP] Selling Banners and Profile Pictures!

    Hi there! I see, you got that amazing cat video that you want to put up and break trough? Yes you do! But how are people going to remember you without a Profile Picture and a Banner? Not! They are not going to notice you. You could go off and make your own but, you are lazy. I got the perfect...
  24. Zivlon

    Request Looking for a free banner, profile, or intro designer.

    Hi, I am looking for a free banner, profile, or intro designer willing to make me some. I have started a month ago and now I would like to improve my quality by adding a more professional work. Just reply and give me your skype so we can start talking.
  25. E

    Services Cheap Professional Youtube Graphics!

    Hi, my name is ChesterLoony! I do cheap professional graphics ranging from $1-5! These samples are just a mere peak at what I can do, I would love to expand my learning with photoshop and tackle any request that you have to offer! Reply to this thread if you're interested in any offers!
  26. ChannelArt

    Services Want a cool CHANNEL ART? Click here!

    Hello! Im a professional channel art maker. I will make you a profile picture and a channel art for your channel for a shootout ,so if you want the deal tell me so I can make you the pictures and in return you promote my channel on 1 of your videos. I can`t accept people that have less then...