pokemon go

  1. jelson975

    Pokemon Go!

    Watch Jamie absolutely crush 2 gyms, showing you the perfect way to win! it's a lot easier than everyone makes it out to be, considering the servers are so laggy that half the time the dodging does not work.. feel free to post similar videos here and ill take a look!
  2. CrayCho

    I'd REALLY appreciate feedback on my last video - a Pokemon GO official best Pokemon list!

    This is legitimate and not just me picking out my favorite Pokemon. It's quite different than the rest of my channel but definitely something I want to share with a lot of people since I find it EXTREMELY important. Also general channel feedback welcome :D Thank you lads <3 the video in...
  3. Mr Danny

    Things To Do If You Don't Have Pokemon GO

    Pokemon Go: the game that is sweeping the nation... AND THE WORLD! And here's is the video that is gonna sweep... my floor. Cause that's the only thing it's good for you. But don't take my word for how bad/insanely great this video is. Go watch it! Clean floor for everyone! :)
  4. The Happy Gamer

    CLOSEST GYM BATTLE EVER! | Pokèmon Go #3

    The gym battles in Pokèmon Go can get intense, but this has got to be the closest and most epic battle that I've ever had! Plus, we capture some really awesome Pokèmon in this episode!
  5. Jenelly

    How To Hatch Pokemon Go Eggs Without Walking

    How To Hatch Pokemon Go Eggs Without Walking. For Today's Tutorial Video I Will Share A Hack of What You Can Do To Hack Your Pokemon Eggs Without Walking Or Running!
  6. Anjim

    Can Pokemon Go Can Be Used In The Wrong Way?

    What do you guys think?
  7. Shawn Monge

    Youtube Streamer playing Pokémon GO witnesses murder and gets fired from Uber job

    Hey I don't know if anyone has heard this, but this streamer AlexRamiGaming has been blowing up playing Pokémon while driving for Uber. He witnessed a murder while driving, and within a few hours was fired from his Uber job, because trollers contacted Uber and complained about him, they also...
  8. DEGA

    My Channel and Pokemon GO Real Life!

    Hey guys: I'm new to the Youtube scene and could use some feedback. Here is a link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAheO_QIWnNUqnV1049QsIQ And here is a link to my latest video, for Pokemon GO: I would really love some feedback and critique on either (or both) of them...
  9. Jenelly

    Teen Playing “Pokemon Go” Stabbed And Mugged For His IPhone (REAL OR FAKE ?!?!?)

    Teen Playing “Pokemon Go” Stabbed And Mugged For His IPhone ??? Real Or Fake??? Let me know in the comments down below!!!
  10. totallyAud

    Meet Up/Gathering POKEMON GO ADVENTURE! (SoCal)

    Hey everyone! I live in SoCal and was wondering if we could get a group and find to pokemans! Pokemon Go just came out today and I really want to do a fun group and record it for youtube on an awesome pokemon adventure! Who is with me?! :D
  11. KingSpicy!


    Hello there people! I'm looking for a particular type of YouTuber that likes Pokemon or anything related to it; Nintendo-related. I would like to collaborate with someone that would like to make a TOP TEN/FIVE POKEMON LIST with me. They must meet the following requirements, .Have 100+...
  12. Harpuia

    Thoughts on Niantic's Ingress and What Pokemon Go Should Do

    Played the game Ingress for a while now in order to get a taste of Niantic's style of Augmented Reality. Here are a few concerns I had following playing the game that I hope will show improvement in their upcoming game Pokemon Go. Also if you want to help us out, click that SUBSCRIBE button...