1. xXMinecraftSlayer69Xx

    Request I'm looking for a banner and maybe a new background for my music

    I am looking for a banner for my channel what fits for FREE i repeat for FREE and maybe a background for my music Thankz -JDClips
  2. TheCanadianNeo


    Hey guys i need a profile pic and banner for my channel, if u can make me a better pic than the one on my channel would be great, and a 3D banner.
  3. Nanonium

    Request Profile PIcture

    Request Summary: An animated person at a medium shot view. The character should be standing up and only show the neck and above. The person should be 3d, have brown skin, have glasses on, and have a hat on backward. The hat should be a red snapback with nothing on it. The shirt the animated...
  4. Nanonium

    Request Profile Pic Request

    Payment: I can give you a shoutout IF I end up using it, but that's all I have to offer, sorry. Details: An animated person at a low angle view. The character should be standing up and only show the neck and above. The person should be 3d, have brown skin, have glasses on, and have a hat on...
  5. Nanonium

    The Design Of Channel Banner And Profile Picture

    I'm not good with what looks good and what looks ugly, what suggestions can you give for a design for a channel banner or profile picture and what things do you suggest which should be on either the channel banner of profile picture
  6. Scooterbean Videos

    Request Really Need Icon and Channel Art, Whichever is Fine

    I am really trying to improve the look of my channel, and I want some nice looking channel art and an icon. I would be so happy you don't even know. I've been ballin on a budget lately so its been hard to find someone who can do it. If there is anybody who would be willing to lend a hand you'd...
  7. Marioud Koko

    Request Need a cartoon made profile pic

    Can anyone help me make a cartoon version of myself for my youtube channel. I'll gladly pay, do shutouts, etc.
  8. BMHD

    What do you think?

    Hi Guys! I just changed my banner and profile picture. How does it look?
  9. Rolz


    Hi guys,do you know how I get that watermark/kind of overlay of my channel logo to appear in my videos in the bottom right like some YouTubers have? Thank you
  10. Meneno Gaming


    Okay so I really need a new profile picture for YouTube! (I Hope Someone Reads This and Not Like The Other Attempts) There are two styles I would be okay with. -More cool animated version of me (I could send you a picture of myself) -Make a unique logo. ( M as my letter) If you where to do...
  11. T

    Request Need Some Quality Channel Art For My Mate!

    Hey everybody I am a new Youtuber who has been doing it for a month and has about 145 subscribers. My friend wants to follow up this by making his own channel and I would like somebody to make some quality channel art for him. Thanks everybody I would really appreciate if you would help out...
  12. Mila from Ukraine

    Services Old Public Domain Illustrations

    If you need some sort of old pictures of (buildings, fruit, fashion, household goods, house plans, etc.,) basic resolution. Can also create photoshop brushes. Free with a channel shout out, link in description.
  13. Rektolodeon

    Services Free Channel Banner/Pic and 3D Intros

    Hello and welcome to my post. I am willing to do free banners and profile pictures for anyone interested along with free 3d intros. I am on the newer side of things with graphic design but am seasoned when it comes to doing intros. Add me on skype by searching rektolodeon so that we can discuss...
  14. Truely

    Request [Free] Need New Banner and Picture

    Hello if someone could make me a banner for my channel True Ace i would love it. I don't have really any requirements except: 1. My twitter on it ( @TrueAce0417 ) 2. My Twitch ( trueace04 ) 3. In English Plz
  15. Broky Ducky

    Services Need a FREE intro and outro or Intro?

    Hello! My name is Broky Ducky and I`m a new YouTuber. I do graphic design for a living. I will make you a professional channel art and profile pic for a promotion. You need to have OVER 3k SUBS and all you need to do is to post a video that I will send you about my channel. Let`s talk about...
  16. Djams

    What's the easiest way to create a thumbnail?

    Hi guys! I've been having a little bit of problem with creating really good thumbnails, so I was wondering if any of you have any good tip/advice on creating good thumbnails? Should one have a photo of oneself for example as background or an coloured background? At the moment I use Pixlr but I...
  17. Yusef472

    Channel re-design!

    Hey! My channel art needed an update so I got it done! I rather like it but what do you guys think? I'm happy to do a review of your's also! -Yusef
  18. C

    Audio + picture video exporting. Tunestotube alternative?

    Hi, I am music composer and would like to ask you how to create long videos with pictures and audio. I noticed there are many of those for 9 hours long. What is the best settings for export. I also used tunestotube, but they limit file size to 100mb so mp3 quality must be very low if i want to...
  19. Justin Beast

    Services All YouTube related graphics! (No animations)

    Hey! My name is Justin and I am a pretty good graphics creator. I make banners, profile pictures, and thumbnails for YouTube channels! Here are the prices for my services: Banners - $1 Thumbnails - $0.50 Profile Pictures - $0.25 (All payments will be through PayPal, but you will have to...
  20. Vincenzo Godinho

    How does my channel art and profile picture look.

    Just made my new channel art and profile picture. How does it look?
  21. PenguinKingdom

    Services [BUY CHEAP] Selling Banners and Profile Pictures!

    Hi there! I see, you got that amazing cat video that you want to put up and break trough? Yes you do! But how are people going to remember you without a Profile Picture and a Banner? Not! They are not going to notice you. You could go off and make your own but, you are lazy. I got the perfect...
  22. NotANoob

    Request Banner and Profile Picture

    Hi, my name is Alex. I am really wanting to redo my channel art and I am not good at GFX. I want a very simple and chill logo that doesn't look "tryhard." If anyone one can draw on photoshop that'd be the best but not required. It's supposed to be based between me and gaming. Sadly, I do not...
  23. ChannelArt

    Services Want a cool CHANNEL ART? Click here!

    Hello! Im a professional channel art maker. I will make you a profile picture and a channel art for your channel for a shootout ,so if you want the deal tell me so I can make you the pictures and in return you promote my channel on 1 of your videos. I can`t accept people that have less then...
  24. WilBajamas

    Photoshop Processing Problems

    Hey guys, is anyone using photoshop cc? I'm having problems exporting my picture after editing them. The processing takes too long and I can't export, not even " quick export" helps. Need some help here~~ Thanks