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  1. Smashin Bros Games

    Overwatch - Quick Play Highlights (Pharah's Air Support)

  2. Justine

    My Crazy Stoner Roommate | Storytime + Gameplay

    So I haven't really done a storytime with some gameplay in the background in a long time, but since I just finished my first semester of college at a university, I have some pretty good stories to tell. Starting with how my roommate, who thankfully dropped out, tried to frame me for possession...
  3. Justine

    Overwatch is Offensive (Not Really)

    So I found an article a few weeks about talking about how Overwatch is Offensive, and this article honestly feels like one big case of "I'm offended on behalf of people" so I though I should dig into it and talk about how Overwatch really isn't offensive...unless you make it that way. Thanks...
  4. Justine


    Back by popular (not really) demand, have some totally relaxing and totally not rage filled very very serious ASMR Overwatch gameplay! Okay, let's be honest, I'm probably the most toxic and offensive player on Overwatch and this video just showcases it. Oops. Thanks for taking some time out of...
  5. Justine

    STONED AND TRIGGERED |Overwatch Gameplay

    This video was honestly the worst thing to edit because it had a ton of offensive humor in it, but anyways me and my friends did some, depending on the state you like in, illegal things to celebrate a certain holiday and this video was the result. We're a mess, but I hope you like it! Thanks...
  6. Justine

    DIAMOND PROMOTION | Overwatch Gameplay

    I have been playing competitive Overwatch religiously for weeks on end. I spent my entire spring break playing as D.va and trying to rank up to diamond, and today, we're a mere one point away from becoming diamond or staying at platinum. As always, thank you so much for taking some time out of...
  7. Justine

    Netflix is DEAD | Overwatch Gameplay

    So if you haven't heard, Netflix just announced that they're going to have a live action Death Note series and honestly...it's bad dude it's pretty bad. I'm gonna go a little bit Buzzfeed on ya in this but stay with me. Thanks for taking some time out of your day to check out this thread and my...
  8. N

    Noob Tracer'ing | Overwatch

    Practice makes perfect... or does it?
  9. N

    Step into my Parlor | Overwatch

    Non-meta pick is considered throwing by most, but anything can work as long as you're effective!
  10. N

    Stop Flicking Around! | Overwatch

    Having some Off-Season fun in Overwatch. Tossed together a random assortment of clips from the nights adventures. Hope you enjoy!
  11. Justine

    PEWDIEPIE IS A NAZI?! | Overwatch Gameplay

    Except he isn't. He really isn't you guys. Before anyone kills me, yes I will have a straight up gameplay video up tomorrow, I swear, but for now I wanna leech off a trending topic that I actually really care about, and that's regarding wether or not Pewdiepie is antisemetic. This is a touchy...
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  15. Justine

    The Jacob Sartorious Effect! | Overwatch Gameplay

    So I'm trying something a bit different out on my channel! I'm trying to do some commentary stuff here and there between uploads of me actually playing games and I decided to make my first commentary based video on the one and only child star, Jacob Sartorious. Since I'm just starting up on...
  16. Pichu

    OVERWATCH TYPICAL RAGE - Overwatch Competitive #1

    Skip to 04:30 and 05:55 for the rage! LOL he was so mad!
  17. Pichu


  18. Justine

    Is Youtube Broken?! | Overwatch Gameplay

    So I've been on Twitter talking about this but my views have been crazy weird lately; one day they'll be at one number and the next day they'll be at a lower number! I just wanted to talk about how broken Youtube currently is and get all of these issues put out there! Thanks for taking the time...
  19. Pichu

    Overwatch - Soldier 76 | Game 1

    This is my first edited video of overwatch, I shortened the game down to the interesting parts to make it short and snappy. I hope you don't get bored :p I will be making more videos like these throughout the month and see how it goes and maybe swap things out every now and then. I hope you...
  20. N

    Widow's Kiss | Does anyone actually watch Overwatch?

    Widowmaker sniping video. Curious if anyone on YTtalk watches Overwatch gaming videos?
  21. N

    Air Superiority

    Somewhat short video to help pass the time. As always, I am open to any form of communication on the video whether it be to say that I need to find a new hobby or to give a more constructive form of criticism, either works. Hope you enjoy!
  22. N

    Ncom's Road to Platinum #3

    This is the 3rd video in my "Road to Platinum" competitive Overwatch series. Please give it a view and let me know what you think. I truly want any and all comments, suggestions, or criticisms. As always, thanks for the support and until next time. See ya!
  23. N

    Road to Platinum #2 | Overwatch Competitive Gameplay

    Need a moment away from the craziness that comes with opening presents, family visits, and too much eggnog? The 2nd video in my "Road to Platinum" competitive Overwatch series is the perfect choice for you. Hope you enjoy!! As always, if you have any suggestions, critiques, or just want to say...
  24. N

    Road to Platinum | Overwatch Competitive Gameplay

    Testing out a new series. I'm a "golden child", aka Gold Tier, in competitive Overwatch so making a Road to Masters or Grand Masters is simply not realistic for me, so I'm setting an achievable goal and we'll go from there. Please let me know what you think of the video, everything from...
  25. Justine

    Angry Lesbian! | Overwatch Gameplay

    So I finally got around to playing more of Overwatch's arcade games and....it was quite the experience. It was full of lovely moments and moments where I basically proved how horrible I am at Overwatch. Enjoy my suffering. Thanks so much for checking this thread out and possibly checking out my...
  26. Justine

    First Time High! | Storytime (Overwatch Gameplay)

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! So I haven't uploaded a story time video in quite some time so what's better than a story about me using illegal drugs for the first time!? Nothing that's what! So we're going to be talking about the first time I ever got high! Thanks for watching! As always if you...


    Great... thanks sombra now my character looks like a numpty on The end screen
  28. Justine

    Sombra's my Wife! | Overwatch Gameplay

    Sombra has finally been released in the recent Overwatch patch and we're gonna get to play her! Was the hype worth it or will she fall flat on her face? Let's find out because either way I love her and she's my wife. As always, thanks so much for watching! If you have any feedback let me know...
  29. Justine

    So Spooky! | Junkensteins Revenge

    To celebrate Halloween weekend, I figured we should play some Junkenstein's Revenge to get in the spooky scary Halloween mood! As always, thank you guys so much for watching and if you have any feedback feel free to let me know! Have a Happy Halloween Weekend guys!
  30. Surrendead

    First video - Overwatch: Guess we're bad at the game after all

    Hello everyone! Hope you guys enjoy this montage of edited clips, feel free to message me if you enjoyed it and let me know how you guys think of the edits! :)