1. P

    Gaming Mario kart 8 deluxe interesting race

    My mario kart video, like ,share ,subscribe, tnx
  2. BestNerdLife

    How much is my Amiibo collection worth? | BestNerdLife

    I have a special place in my heart for Amiibo. This expansive toy-to-life collection is big business for Nintendo, as they have sold millions of them. Most figures are very reasonably priced, but due to some figures being quite rare, prices can fluctuate in the second-hand market quite a lot...
  3. BestNerdLife

    Legends of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown | Nintendo Switch Review

    Legends of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown doesn't offer breath-taking graphics, well-delivered voice acting, and buttery smooth gameplay. This well put together throwback to 90's Western-Style RPGs does offer some great fun to be had though. Check out my thoughts on Legends Of Amberland for the...
  4. BestNerdLife

    Using a Hands Free Neck Mount with my Nintendo Switch | BestNerdLife

    Ever wanted to play your Nintendo Switch, but don't want to use it in Docked mode or handheld mode? Then I have a fantastic product for you! The INTEMPO Hands Free Neck Mount is a product that is marketed for use with devices such as mobile phones and tablets, but thanks to the adjustable mount...
  5. BestNerdLife

    The worst new Pokemon from Sword and Shield | BestNerdLife

    The release of Pokemon Sword and Shield has come and gone. Both were probably two of the most controversial and divisive Pokemon games to release with Dexit being quite a big deal. One thing is definitely clear though. This generation have introduced a whole new bunch of Pocket Monsters for us...
  6. BestNerdLife

    Invisible Fist - Nintendo Switch game review

    Wanna take on (and defeat) late-stage capitalism? Now's your chance!
  7. BestNerdLife

    Episodes 1 & 2 of my Pokemon Uranium Let's Play [No Commentary] is now live!

    My Pokemon Uranium Let's Play series is available to watch here! Episode 1 Episode 2
  8. BestNerdLife

    My problem with the Pokemon games

    Now that Pokemon Sword and Shield have been released, and the whole 'Dexit' controversy has died down, I thought I would spend a bit of time talking about my general problem with the Pokemon games.
  9. BestNerdLife

    Wii 2 HDMI Adapter review | BestNerdLife

    Do you have an old Wii? Do you need to connect it to a modern TV? Then I have the exact thing for you!
  10. T

    New channel review the quality of my first video

    Hey guys, I just started a brand new YT channel it revolves around tech and would love to get some feedback on audio, and just the quality overall of my first video. Ay feedback is greatly appreciated. Happy trails
  11. Andros

    Gaming gaming website and channel collaboration and writers needed

    Hey, I'm with the website We do gaming news, updates, and cover just about anything having to do with gaming. We're looking for writers! We'd love to have you apply for a position. In between making news content, we give creators opportunities to express their thoughts and...
  12. G

    Gaming Looking for Video Gaming Content ( Videos )

    Hi All, I am new member and still not have revealed on who I am, but hopefully soon! lol, new to the boards :). I am one of the co-founders of Ad Tech & Video Content Distribution company, headquartered in New York. We are in the process of creating our own OTT video content channels in the...
  13. CrimKat

    The Nintendo Switch Isn't Perfect - (First YouTube Video)

    Hey Guys! I've been on and off of YouTube creation for years. I have never actually grown a channel, but I am hoping to start here and now! I'm a long-time Nintendo fan, but for my first video, I've decided to go over the things I don't like about the Nintendo Switch, as much as I love it...
  14. Ent Ashy

    Gaming Nintendo Switch Collab?

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for people to do some funny moment videos on Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2 & more! If interested let me know!
  15. MaxPowerG81

    MaxPower Gaming Channel

    Hi everyone new gaming YouTuber here! Posting videos regarding news, reviews, what’s hapoening in the industry and opinion pieces in the world of gaming. Be great if you could check it out and I hope you enjoy it
  16. MultiDragon129


    HIT THE DOME! (PAUSE) | SUPER SMASH BROS For Glory Series ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Guys, we’re playing some more Smash 4 online...
  17. F

    Nintendo Creators Program - for fan films/music vids?

    So, does anyone know if Nintendo's "Creators Program" extends beyond partnering for videos containing gaming footage (let's plays, etc)? I want to make a short fan film/music video based on one of Nintendo's properties and it seems like the Creators Program *might* be a way to avoid incurring...
  18. DcapoMedia

    New Video Game Music Channel - Covers and Originals Weekly

    Hey all, my name is Daniel and I'm an avid gamer, music composer, sound designer and pianist. Recently I started a YouTube channel where I cover video game music and post original video game music on a weekly basis. Currently my most popular video is a cover from the Classic jrpg Chrono...
  19. wakeuptoryan

    Super Mario Trickshots!

    Hey Guys! Few friends and I have been doing trick shot videos for a few years now, and we're mixing it up with Super Mario Bros! Let me know what you think, we'll be releasing the full video on October 20th! Of course, and suggestions are welcome! - Ryan
  20. SupWithT

    Would this be interesting??

    So for my first run through of any game. I plan on doing a commentary run through of Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga would anyone be interested in seeing that??? Plan on doing Mario content in honor of the many nintendo games the community is getting this year!!!
  21. SupWithT

    Gaming Just need a gaming partner

    I want to start my path to gaming properly but It would be a lot easier with someone who shares equal things with me and has a cool level head. I want to be able to have someone I can do videos with on the side and do online stuff and let's plays as well. If anyone is open please let me know...
  22. ScouseMouse

    When To Stream?

    Hey guys, I was after a bit of advice. I'm thinking of doing some live streaming but cba being a sheep and following all the trendy games that every man and his dog is playing. So 2 things... 1) I was thinking of streaming Goldeneye on the N64, an absolute beast of a game imo. Would you/anyone...
  23. TheSGGamingChannel

    Pac-Man + Frustration

    I'm sure you'll deem this part of my playthrough of Pac-Man to be interesting. I apologize if the audio of the game might be slightly out of sync with the game in certain places, as I had to manually sync it with the part over 10 times! Not fun at all...I was at my nerve's end with this things...
  24. SupWithT

    Gaming So Who wants to play Smash Bros?

    Ok so I am currently building my channel and thinking of content to have...right now my best idea is to use smash replays and do skits when I can get a camera. If you want to play with me in Smash Wii U here is my ID. xanab11 Edited by staff: Please use the forums for collaboration communication.
  25. PotatoVillager

    Gaming Looking for Gaming YouTubers with a PC and Switch to collab with

    Hello, my name is Mihael And I have a channel with over 6K subscribers and I am looking for 3 people to collab with. I was thinking of collabing on PC games like: - Garry's mod (Prop Hunt, Guess Who), - GTA races and deathmatches, - Cards Against Humanity, - other games that we could play in the...
  26. GeekOvision

    Nintendo claims almost everything I upload...

    I started off my new channel with a game I love, Breath of the Wild. Nintendo is notorious for claiming content, but I think I should finally try and find a way to avoid it. It's not as if I make money off my content, but going into the video manager tab and seeing literally 90% of my content...
  27. Andros

    Gaming need a Nintendo gamer for my channel do you have a switch?

    Im starting a gaming channel for news, updates and general fun .We will have topics to go over such as what we like. .Talk about something that is coming out, .We will have game reviews .Product review's like controllers and such .Unboxings for consoles and collectors editions...
  28. S

    Gaming Minecraft or Mario Collab (maybe podcast)

    Hello everyone! :) I am looking for at least 2 more players to do some videos with me. I have two videos that I need other people for: 1.) A minecraft let's play video and 2.) Some Mario let's play videos that would be better with 4 players (Mario party, Mario kart, etc) Requirements: have...
  29. Andros

    Gaming any one want to be in a youtube gaming/podcast

    im starting a channel where we play games and talk about games. have topics to go over like what we like or talk about something that is coming out, im looking to have 4 people including myself i have all games systems so all is welcome. contact me at or on here if...
  30. Chancealot


    Hey guys I would really appreciate it if you could check out my Super Mario World gameplay. Also make sure to like the video and subscribe to my channel for more content! and TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!!