New channel review the quality of my first video


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Hey guys, I just started a brand new YT channel it revolves around tech and would love to get some feedback on audio, and just the quality overall of my first video. Ay feedback is greatly appreciated.

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good music, good quality, one thing that might deter some people from watching is at the start when the man is talking but all you hear is music, i get that you do your own commentary over it but the first 5-20 seconds of a video is the most important, if you cant get people intrigued in that first 5-20 seconds than they may not watch the full video, overall i think this is a good video, decent microphone quality, very imformative and you speak about the subject well : keep it up man good luck!
also if you would like to check me out im a gamer, i wont post my link but if your interested my channel name is "Avere Mista" its the only channel that shows in the search so you will find it :)
Hey thanks a lot man ! I appreciate it but yea I get what you mean it crossed my mind but you learn so thanks for the critique! Like your channel man pretty crisp audio clear can hear you perfectly and the commentary is pretty good !! Keep it up man and good luck !