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  1. FestusFX

    Good Network?!

    I'm looking for a good network :) So I can see what is copyrighted etc etc It's useful I guess... Does anyone know a good network ?
  2. FestusFX

    Best network for small channels

    I just started my channel and right now I have 140 Subscribers so I'm a small channel. I don't want a network to gain a lot of money, but a good network that helps small channels. With some tips or strategy's if you understand what I'm trying to say? So if anyone know a good network like that...
  3. MiAndMore

    Which YouTube Network should I join? Advice please!

    Hello everyone! I've been contacted by some YouTube Networks but I don't know if it's worth it to join one of them.. If you think it is worth it, which netowrk would you recommend to me? I do gaming, real life and specials... Please help me, every comment is appreciated!! Cheers, MiAndMore...
  4. F

    I Just got 100% Revenue Share BBTV contract?

    Hi, Yesterday I received an email from BBTV network and they said will send me $xxxx signup bonus and 100% revenue share. I don't know It's good or not, my channel still growing and have above 100.000 subscribers with 100 million views. and in contract they said It take up to 60 days to...
  5. Wibble YT

    Gaming PC / PS4 long term collaboration,

    -Looking for someone 13 + to collaborate over steam or psn. -Bo3, Battle front and other steam games. -Looking for long time collaboration. -Youtube friends.
  6. Specs

    Do I have to Monetize when I join a Network?

    I just joined a network and was wondering if I'm suppose to Monetize my Videos?
  7. GooberVlogs

    Creative Media Tv Email.. Should I Apply???

    Wazzzup everyone =) I just got a email from Creative Media Tv??? Has anyone ever heard of them or used them Should I apply to them?? I guess they are a network and can help me grow my channel maybe idk Have you guys ever used them before.. what do they actually do to help your channel grow?
  8. AnnaGermanGirl

    Joining an MCN - yay or nay? (Including alternative resources)

    Hello fellow YouTubers, :) In the last few weeks I've put a lot of time and thought into researching an important question: Is it good idea to join a mutli-channel network? I've received several offers so far and several times i was inclined to say yes. But in the end, I never did. In the...
  9. P

    Acifin network under BroadbandTV_gaming are scamming/threatening their partners

    Hey guys I've come to this forum from time to time in the past because the information here has been pretty informative and has helped me a lot! This time I finally created a username so I can share some information about the Acifin network which operates under BroadbandTV. In the pictures you...
  10. N

    Leaving network

    Hey, i want to leave my network. It's LIFE/QUIZGROUP. I am with them for almost two years but theyare too complicated with payments now. Since my channel has grown a lot in last months they switched payment method on WebMoney wich is complicated to me. My concern is, i heard that some networks...