1. SketchingShadows

    Gaming Need Some Minecraft Players for a Team!

    I'm in search of a few new creators to work with on creating mods, modpacks, and Videos With on My Second YT Channel. I own a survival server we play on, and have made a couple of public modpacks. The YT is called COmmandModBox, and I'm accepting Skype names if you are interested. Thanks!
  2. L

    Gaming Minecraft Collaborations of any kind

    Hello, I am a small youtuber and I enjoy minecraft, but I don't really have anyone to record it with. I enjoy doing minigames, survival, and modded minecraft. The main minigame that I enjoy though is bedwars. Requirements for collaborations are: Be at least 14 years old, and have a sense of...
  3. Ranmaru_Richu

    {BioMod } Deus Ex: Revision part 52 - Pasadena Ocean Lab

    We "dive" deeper, but not really, into MJ12's Sub Base. Hope everyone enjoys!
  4. Ranmaru_Richu

    Modded Oblivion part 85 - Dark Fissure

    Might as well "peak our head in" Dark Fissure cave itself, it won't be too bad, right? Hope everyone enjoys!
  5. Ranmaru_Richu

    Modded Fallout 3 part 43 - Meeting the Crew

    We get a lay of the land on campus and meet the fellow Institute J scientists! Hope everyone enjoys!
  6. Ranmaru_Richu

    Modded Fallout 3 part 42 - Institute J

    Time to get back on track and meet the scientists of Institute J! Hope everyone enjoys!
  7. Ranmaru_Richu

    Modded Oblivion part 83 - Vahtacen's Secret

    We delve deep to take care of everything in Vahtacen. EVERYTHING. It wasn't easy. Hope everyone enjoys! And don't forget to subscribe if you did so you can catch the latest videos as soon as they come out!
  8. Ranmaru_Richu

    {BioMod} Deus Ex: Revision part 49 - TEMPORA patch

    We take a look at some of the new additions from the latest major patch! And we continue to infiltrate and clean up Vandenberg Airforce Base! Hope everyone enjoys! And don't forget to subscribe if you did!
  9. Ranmaru_Richu

    Modded Oblivion part 82 - Back to the Mages Guild!

    We head back to the Arcane University and take on the task of plundering Vahtacen! Hope everyone enjoys!
  10. Ranmaru_Richu

    Modded Fallout 3 part 40 - Tel-R and the Jahannam Hotel

    We meet another of Newark's quirky companions and explore a "haunted" hotel! We also stumble upon some more interesting NPCs and places of interest as we continue to make our way to Broad St. Station! Hope everyone enjoys!
  11. Ranmaru_Richu

    {BioMod} Deus Ex: Revision part 47 - Vandenberg Air Force Base

    We track down the control panels to reactivate the base's bot security system and take care of the MJ12 bots! Hope everyone enjoys!
  12. Ranmaru_Richu

    Modded Oblivion part 81 - Finished Furnishings!

    Finally got all of the upgrades for Battlehorn Castle and Frostcrag Spire! And we unlock a few secrets, too! Hope everyone enjoys!
  13. E

    Gaming First Annual | Pixelmon World Cup

    Hey you guys have been invited to the first annual pixel world cup! The Pixel World cup is basically a pixelmon 16 player tournament! In this tournament you will be able to pick your own pokemon as well as their stats and stat increase. Players will be divided into 4 blocks. Block Red will be...
  14. Archi

    Gaming Modded Minecraft Series[PC][1.5K SUBS-NO MIN]

    Ayoo, no time to explain, I made a server running a custom modpack that adds in guns, cars, helicopters and even jets!! I need people in here right now! [If you're not into that then still do get in touch as I have other shows planned <3] Requirements: -Good Mic [No Static, No 2 years old...
  15. Kungfumidget

    FTB Inventions Episode 4 Modded Minecraft Learning how to make RF

    I hope you enjoy this episode guys
  16. Archi

    Gaming Modded Minecraft Series[PC][1.5k+Subs]

    Hey people! I'm starting a new modded Minecraft series on my channel, the idea behind this series is splitting a few youtubers/players into 3-4 groups of roughly 2-3 members and have them go head to head to become the greater tribe, with access to mods that add guns, explosives and even jets...
  17. KeniisuYT

    Don't Starve Modded Series!

    Don't Starve! A Game of Survival, where you must keep your sanity and health maintained while trying to Don't Starve! I'm going to be doing a Modded game where I will be playing as "Whandler" and trying to live off the lands as a Survivalist. Episode 1 - Starting Off Great! In this episode...
  18. L

    Gaming New Pc Youtuber looking for a few people to make some vids.

    Hey guys, I've just started out so no vids/subs, I'm looking for some people to make a start with. Games I play include: Modded WaW zombies Killing Floor TF2/CS:GO Minecraft Garry's Mod...
  19. Shehzad

    Assassin! | Let's Play Skyrim Modded | #40

    It is time to uncover who the dark brotherhood are and find out what they want from me.
  20. Xefin

    Gaming I'm looking for one person on PC to assist me in recording a modded Minecraft series.

    Hello everyone, I'm Xefin and I run a solo YouTube channel which you can find out by asking in the comments to this post. I haven't been going for very long, but something I'm hoping to do is entertain people with some quality, creative, fun gameplay in various games. Right now i'm looking...
  21. Shehzad

    The Black Sacrament | Let's Play Skyrim Modded |

    "Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptised in blood and fear." It's time to take on our first contract and join the Dark Brotherhood, the time arises to become a silent assassin of Sithis.
  22. Shehzad

    Summoning A Daedra | Let's Play Skyrim Modded |

    I found our final destination. I come across ritualistic necromages and end up taking an artifact from them. It's time to summon a Daedric follower.
  23. Shehzad

    The Adventure Begins Again | Let's Play Skyrim Modded

    We've finally meditated on the words of power, it is now time to find the last fire breath shout. The adventure begins again.
  24. Shehzad

    The Dragonbane | Let's Play Skyrim Modded |

    A battle ensues as I make my way through into Karthspire. Delphine and Esbern show up at the last second and ruin my glory. Also I show off some new physics mods.
  25. Shehzad

    Fighting The Frost Dragon | Let's Play Skyrim Modded

    Alduin summons a Frost dragon but he is nowhere to be found until it ambushes us down the path. Time to strike it down!
  26. Shehzad

    Finding The Archivist | Let's Play Skyrim Modded

    The Thalmor want the destruction of the blades, I am tasked with the job of finding the blades' archivist whilst putting down any obstacles that gets in my way, even if it end up being stump the dog.
  27. Shehzad

    Infiltrate The Embassy | Let's Play Skyrim Modded

    The Thalmor are finished, they think they can kick my a** or is expert level with SkyRe too hard for the master. We finally infiltrate the Thalmor embassy and witness how corrupt the imperial are before our very eyes.
  28. Shehzad

    Cleansing His Soul | Let's Play Skyrim Modded

    It is time to grant Kodlak's final wish and cure him of his beast blood even in death. Also Kodlak and Vilkas are pussays!
  29. Shehzad

    The Funeral | Let's Play Skyrim Modded

    We say goodbye to Kodlak Whitefur and reforge the Wuuthrad. Apologies for any audio interference you hear, microphone getting replace end of this week hopefully.
  30. Necromancer Foxx

    Gaming Minecraft PC mini-games and modded series

    Hello, I'm looking for someone to make collaborations with in minecraft pc edition. I mostly want to try mini-games (such as hunger games, one in the quiver etc.) and maybe try a modded survival series. It would be preferable if you lived in Europe or you are able to adapt to a European time...