milestone reached

  1. Sk Jony

    Achive 7,00,000 significant total view counts

    Hey everyone! I'd like to thank you all for your amazing support on this channel. It's been an awesome journey and its only just beginning. In this journey, we achieve 7,00,000 view at this moment and hope we reach our next goal at 10,00,000 view. I want this channel to be diverse, and a...
  2. gaxon

    200 subs in a week?!+likes milestone

    well i'm so glad that I got 200 subs a week after 100 subs and 3 weeks after I built my channels :D i'm so so happy :D and I got 150 subs and only one dislike in total which is freaking awesome be sure it check out my channel out my friends ;) #nevergiveup
  3. TheCommonRager

    Just Passed 50 Subscribers on my Halo Montage Channel!

    Hey guys! I know it has been a LONG time sense I last posted on the forums, but I want to thank all of you for helping me get past 50 Subscribers on my Halo Channel! If you want to check out my latest Halo 5 Video to see if you are interested in my channel, then chick the link on my account...
  4. Peter Poulos

    Hit 500 Subscribers last night, so happy.

    I hit 500 subscribers last night and I could not be happier. I figured I would make this my first post to the forums as I just stumbled here this morning. I never thought I'd hit 100 let alone 500. The fact that I am finally motivating myself and committing and having it actually pay off is such...
  5. Pedro Nascimento

    Finally after 2 Years I reached 400 subs, any suggestions?

    Hello guys has been 2 years that I have been traveling and making videos for my channel, and finally I got to 400 subscribers :) Do you have any suggestion on how could I get more subscribers? How could I grow my channel more? Thank you very much in advance...
  6. subversiveasset

    Does anyone else not get too excited about milestones?

    I actually just hit 1,000 subscribers a day or so ago, feelings about it have been very strange. As I passed other subscriber numbers (100, 500, etc.,) I didn't really think much about these. As I entered the 900s, I thought I felt excited about the idea of reaching 1000 soon...and...
  7. The8BitMonkey

    OMG, 20,000 Subscribers!

    Hi all, I should post here more often rather then just when big things happen and I will I promise but I just hit 20,000 Subscribers on YouTube, I know that it will likely go down and up but right now at the time of posting this I have hit the 20,000 mark....well 20,004 to be exact :) I just...