making money

  1. Dutchie Abroad

    Youtube reality check

    I’ve been on this forum for a while now and there is one thing that I frequently see: unrealistic expectations. People who are expecting money, fame or subs when in reality, it really isn’t that simple. Let’s start with talking about money. Youtube is NOT an easy platform to make money on...
  2. Michael Lebert

    How'd you get the money for your equipment/gear?

    I'm working at McDonalds and getting no more than 10 hours a week which sucks,I'm working on finding a better job within the next 3-5 months. I could also make money on the side by fixing things or flipping stuff off craigslist If I really wanted to since I have tools and am pretty handy. I just...
  3. AM2PM

    Patreon - Does it work for you?

    I have joined, but not done anything with it yet. I'd like to gain a little traction first. I'd love to hear your success stories or stories of how it hasn't worked out for you. Seems like a fair model if you are creating worthwhile content.
  4. KantoGaming

    Making money off your content ?

    Honestly I've heard about people making money off their videos but I never understood how or how it actually works. I've heard about running ads on your videos, monetizing your videos, and maybe even joining a partnership like Freedom. (But I haven't heard anything good about freedom) I want...
  5. Onlinetechs

    Petition to Google to kill Adblock (Don't hate me for this)

    I'm afraid to even start the thread, but hoping a connected person may read this or someone who can down the line pass this to someone who can actually take the idea to fruition. What is Adblock and what is its affect? Adblock is an extension to a browser or a third-party script that defines...