Patreon - Does it work for you?


Loving YTtalk
I have joined, but not done anything with it yet. I'd like to gain a little traction first. I'd love to hear your success stories or stories of how it hasn't worked out for you.

Seems like a fair model if you are creating worthwhile content.
I have been considering it but haven't joined it yet. I feel like I need a little bigger audience first. Interested to hear what others have to say though.
I wouldn't suggest it unless you are big and people actually care about you.
I mean they have to like you that much that they want to give their personal money to you.
You don't do that that easily. Also, you have to be able to give them a good reason why you do it.
A simple "I want some more money" doesn't work.
I can understand it if full time Youtuber do it because they say that AdSense isn't enough to live off but if it's a very small Youtuber I find it almost ridiculous.

I am now at almost 10k subs and I definitely wouldn't dare to do it.
All good points. So make it big first! That is my plan. Thanks for taking the time.
i don't see a reason not to do it whenever you want. yeah if your small you won't make much money out of it, but every little helps as they say, just because you have a small sub base does not mean you don't have a loyal following, and a few of them might love to give something back and help out the guy or girl that gives them hours of entertainment.

i think the big thing is to not shove it in their faces, yeah make a video saying you have one, and maybe mention it in the odd video, just don't push it

i also think its a good idea not to hold back content unless they are a patreon donator, i have seen many channels do this, and your just going to annoy people that can't or won't donate because your basically saying your taking time and effort and therefore videos away from your normal channel to make videos just for those that pay. thats pretty dickish imo

i plan to start a patreon at 5k subs, it might only get me $10 a month if i am lucky, but the way adsense is going, i might need that money!