1. M

    How can I rewatch my own Livestream including livechat?

    Hello everybody! My question is quite simple: How can I rewatch my own livestream including the livechat? As far as I know you cannot see the livechat if you are not on the normal video watch page. However, I'm not sure if YouTube allows me to watch back my own videos there because obviously...
  2. JUN6L3

    How to Grow From 11 Subs?

    So I currently have 11 followers on my streaming channel, JUN6L3. I have a set schedule for certain games Monday through Thursday at the same times. I am wondering how do I get more people to join my streams, interact, subscribe to me and keep coming back ? I do believe my comedic/rage...
  3. E

    Commentary Looking for commentator(s)

    Siike Gaming is hosting a Fortnite tournament and looking for commentary for live stream on youtube. We need 3 commentators. If you're interested let me know. This will be on PS4.
  4. Tacrob

    Uploading Better Footage After Livestream

    So I do Livestreams everyday and the quality is not always the best because the internet isn't perfect. I've noticed that other streamers, like Markiplier, will stream and the video will have issues, yet when I play the same clips back later it will be perfectly smooth and have no audio issues...
  5. S

    Wireless Camera Livestream HARDWARE HELP!

    Hi guys, im looking to livestream my GoPro to my laptop so i can then stream it to YouTube, Twitch etc etc.. Sounds easy right. I cant find a suitable product without going into thousands of pounds worth of debt. the GoPro max will be 100meters from my laptop so a hardwire cable isn't an...
  6. Mark Stise

    What are the Pros and Cons of doing a LIVESTREAM?

    What are the Pros and Cons of doing a LIVESTREAM? I did a few livestreams but I am still new on this Youtube feature. Can you edit a livestream? How long can a typical Liveastream be? (IS AN HOUR TO LONG?) What is the best way to let my subscribers know I am doing a livestream? Like I said...
  7. H

    HI,I need the code to play livestream 24/7 VPS

    Hi Hello everyone, I need the code to play live 24/7, could you please help me? Thank you very much
  8. TyeDye

    Gaming Comedy

    Heeeeeeeeeeey!!!!!!! Im looking for a crew to record with, more specifically, Im looking for fellow youtubers, who want to do comedy gameplay together. I want to be able to get on my PS4/PC, and join a game with my "Partners", and we just meme around. I Mainly play on PS4, and I have been...
  9. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Live Stream On YouTube with A Phone - Step-By-Step Tutorial

    How To Live Stream On YouTube with A Phone // Live Streaming with an iPhone and Android phone is a great way to get a video out there quickly. Go Live on Mobile Live Streams to record events in the moment. Festivals, Holidays or even just Live Streaming on the go. Mobile Live Streaming is fair...
  10. Courtney Candice


    When you live stream and decide to delet it Does it still count as watch time hours after it’s deleted?
  11. buzzcuts

    YouTube-friendly livestreaming software that supports playlists?

    Hi all, I'm very new to livestreaming so apologies in advance if I've missed something obvious or failed to find an existing thread in my searches. I hope I have the terminology correct, here. What I'm trying to do is create a marathon livestream that supports both live video recordings and...
  12. JustRonin

    Gaming Overwatch Stream Collaboration (PC Only)

    Hey guys, firstly, I do have to say that I want to stick to a certain age range which for me is 15-19 at least (I'm 17 myself) but I'm basically just looking for some chill people to have fun and potentially do some streams with. I live in Australia so I would prefer if you lived within the...
  13. Byjenkz

    Whats The Best Livestream gaming schedule

    So i had a livestreamig channel and it was going realy well , at one point i was getting 30-40 new subscribers per sstream which was good to say I had like 200 subs at the time , most where from YouTube recommendations so YouTube where helping me and telling people to watch the streams etc, but...
  14. C

    Anyone know good OBS settings for live streaming?

    Hi, I need help with live streaming. what are the best OBS settings for live streaming games? i mainly play and but i also play mine craft and some steam games. My pc specs are: Gtx 970, Intel i5 6400, 8gb ram, and a dual band WiFi card. i have been asking people this...
  15. Highfalutin' Low Carb

    Youtube Livestream Hardware/Camera Questions

    I'd like to do a YouTube Livestream in a few weeks when I hit 5,000 subscribers, but have a few technical questions for those who have done it. 1. What camera and hardware did you use? Laptop? Tablet or phone? If phone, is it hard to see the chat window where your audience is communicating with...


    Emily and I will be starting a NEW weekly livestream TONIGHT at 8:45 PM EST! TONIGHT'S TOPICS INLCUDE: DaddyOFive Is Back? Thoughts on current "huge" YouTubers Our Jake Paul "It's Everyday Bro" Parody Our Logan Paul Parody "How to Vlog Like Logan Paul" Reading hate comments from Jake...
  17. adams eats

    Question about live Q&A

    I'm rapidly approaching the 1000 subscriber Mark and I wanted to do a live Q&A with my subscribers. I've never done a live stream before so I wanted to know what your experiences are with it. Particularly around the same sub count as me. My fear is that I'll start the stream and no one will be...
  18. H

    How to livestream using Vixia G40?

    I'd like to setup a Livestream that takes a feed from my Canon G40. What's the simplest and most effective way to do this? My laptop does have an HDMI in. Would this mean no HD? What sort of bandwidth do I need?
  19. H

    CLOSED - How to live stream 1080P Pre-recorded video?

    Hi, I've read about all the SEO benefits of Live streaming and am interested in experimenting with streaming our pre-recorded, edited videos live. Is there an EASY way to do this with OBS? Something else? I have a 100MB upload pipe. Is that enough to stream 1080P? Or do I need to lower my...
  20. B

    How Does the Livestreaming algorithm work?

    Hello, Title says it all. I am understanding how the YouTube algorithm works with watch time been an important factor but I've heard from people that Livestreams are completely different algorithm and I can't seem to find anywhere to explain it. Does anyone know?
  21. Conncast

    6PM EST, Conncast Podcast about Eastern Europe

    In this exciting conncast podcast, Interweb kang (from the region) and Conncast discuss why the eastern bloc is poor, which ones got the short end of the stick, and which ones didn't and of course, why they're good boys who dindu nuffin wrong! Tune in to learn more...
  22. MasterEth

    60 Seconds! LIVESTREAM

  23. MasterEth

    SpeedRunners & some Death Road to Canada LIVESTREAM

    This stream started off as a test livestream to test out all my settings. But, I decided to put it public, AND PEOPLE STARTED JOINING! It was a really fun time! Speaking of livestreams, I'm doing another one THIS SATURDAY @ 12:00 P.M. CST (1/28/17) I'll be playing a REALLY fun game called...
  24. M

    Other i want to collab with someone to talk about fanart fanfiction and webcomics

    i'm a small youtuber that makes videos about fanart, fanfiction, and recently made a review for a quite succesfull webcomic (name of webcomic felinia). i know fanart fanfiction have a rather bad rap, because of the weird and sexualy tinted fanart and fanfiction. but i see daily the opposite on...
  25. The Nerd Encounter

    Gaming Huge Pixelmon Server(A Minecraft Pokemon Mod)

    Hey fellow Youtube Gamers! I'm from The Nerd Encounter! We have posted here before! We're mainly a fb page with almost 22,000 likes (21900+ now!), but were looking to get into Youtube more! We had the idea to make a Pixelmon server. Which for those of you who don't know, is a minecraft...
  26. DearDarcy

    Whats your most embarrassing filming moment?

    So i thought i would start this thread because it could be interesting! :D Whats been your most embarrassing moment either when filming or meeting fans etc? Ill start off - when i was livestreaming Counterstrike (game with guns basically) i remember having a grenade thrown at me and i started...
  27. summernichole


    How has lifestream helped and what have you guys used to live stream? I also need help deciding how to start live streaming when you have 0-5 people watching.
  28. Hoovie

    Twitch vs. YouTube Livestreaming

    I have a question. If you have a YT as you primary website for gaming, then should you stream on YouTube, or would branching out to Twitch be better. I'm not sure which is better
  29. Dgamewiz

    DGAMEWIZ STREAMS #3 - Dead By Daylight Kill Your Friends: Granny's Nursery

    A highlight reel of footage recorded during my stream hopefully you enjoy it!
  30. Goin' All Gamer

    Livestream Announcement!

    Hello everyone! I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know about something. Tomorrow I'll be livestreaming the first episode of TellTales Batman Series at 9pm GMT. Its the first livestream I've done so I don't really know how its going to go down but sure what the hell. You can watch the...