Other i want to collab with someone to talk about fanart fanfiction and webcomics

what is your opinion on fanart and fiction

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i'm a small youtuber that makes videos about fanart, fanfiction, and recently made a review for a quite succesfull webcomic (name of webcomic felinia).
i know fanart fanfiction have a rather bad rap, because of the weird and sexualy tinted fanart and fanfiction.
but i see daily the opposite on deviantart and fanfiction.net.
if you are interested in improving the way people view fanart and fanfiction i'm the person you can do it with, and if you think i'm wrong i'm willing to defend it in a life stream on youtube.
I would be interested i see lots of fan art and fan fiction in a lot of what i look throw. i mostly look at horror but i come into a lot of good fan fiction in my diggings for good stories some scary some funny some sweet and i would love to talk about it.