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  1. AntsDeKing

    (Critiques Please) A NEWBIE'S NEW ADVENTURE!! ( Dragon Raja Lets Play EP. 1)

    A NEWBIE'S NEW ADVENTURE!! IT'S GOING TO BE SOME FUN WHILE ALSO BEING REALLY HARD LOL. Soooooo... welcome to the first episode of a let's play dragon raja mmorpg. On this dragon raja lets play, we make our charatcer within the dragon raja character creation female templates and such we were...
  2. ParalyshisGaming

    Official YouTube Introduction Video! - ParalyshisGaming

  3. TheSGGamingChannel

    Channel Update

    Y'all might not remember me (it's not like I've been away for around 8 months or anything like that), but if you do, this is just a quick update video relating to why I've been gone and what I plan to do with the channel. With E3 coming up, I doubt that I'll run out of ideas any time soon!
  4. FrankenPixelGaming

    Trying to Talk is Harder Than Previously Thought

    So after recording/editing just now, one thing became immediately clear to me: attempting to fill all the dead air is a much more intimidating thing than I thought. Trying to find the happy medium between silence and screaming crap into the audience's ear is difficult, and even after just a few...
  5. DN4Gamer

    I'm a small, Passionate, Gaming YouTuber, check me out!

    Hey guys, Not trying to spam or anything like that, just putting my channel out there, on Redd-it because I feel like you guys would like my Gaming Channel, if you are interested in gaming. I upload one video a day (99% of the time) and I work super freaking hard.. I edit most of the time on...
  6. P

    Gaming Welcome to Peacock_Man's channel!!

    Peacock_Man I would like to welcome you to my YouTube channel! On my channel, I post many different gaming videos. The games I play range from Don't starve, to Minecraft, to random games I find on GameJolt! Here is my Channel Introductory video!!! I really appreciate any and all...
  7. ControllerBreak

    "Live" recordings and keeping retention(Let's Plays Advice)

    Hey! So I spend a lot of time thinking about how to increase quality in my content and I know in Let's Plays, which is what I record, personality is key. Personally my approach is more cynical with bursts of happy and I always record with a partner, but every now and then we hit dead spots. You...
  8. MultiDragon129

    WHAT'S UP? Gaming Channel Feedback Plz ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Hey guys, MultiDragon129 UP IN THIS JAUN! if you do manage to stumble upon this thread, I was hoping for some channel feedback. I am a Let's Player who loves playing Mario games and currently i'm on co-op Bloodborne and Mario Maker. I also do Smash, SMW Hacks and random other games. Honestly...
  9. Ghoti

    Ghoti's YouTube Channel

    So I realized today that I don't really want to clog up other people's forums with my own videos - so I'm making my own! Technically I'm releasing four videos today, if you count a livestream VoD: It was my first real stream - there's still issues with my upload speed being much lower than...
  10. EpicMynd88

    Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Playthrough - No Commentary Ep. 12

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  11. WarriorDan

    DISGUSTING BUT AWESOME FUN! [Killing Floor 2 Let's Play]

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  12. vspecialistv

    "F#$K, I CAN'T DO THIS!!!!" Soma Let's Play Walkthrough Part #15

    Hi guys, vSPECIALISTv here with part #15 of my Soma Let's Play Walkthrough series. In this video I couldn't handle it at the game, the SH#T is crazy T-T.I hope you guys enjoy me being scared :) :help::unsure::nailbiting2::hot::yttalk::shockerphones:
  13. EpicMynd88

    Epic Plays Kingdom Hearts Final Mix - No Commentary - Ep. 10

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  14. EpicMynd88

    Epic Plays Kingdom Hearts Final Mix - No Commentary - Part 6

  15. H

    Take a Crack at What This Games Plot is....

    so this is a game I have had in my steam library for quiet a while and for quiet a while I cannot understand it ;c I hope you enjoy!
  16. Dahyoukez

    Gaming Podcast Collab/ PC or PS4 Collab

    Im really looking to get some sort of podcast going much like the broken podcast! Just in my own format! If anyone is interested in that let me know! Im also looking for collabs of any sort! PC/PS4 is what I have to game on! If your under 18 its a no go! Sorry! Male/Female/Squirrels come one...