1. F

    Commentary Looking for Co Host On my Podcast on my channel with 1k subs

    YT Link - I am looking for a chill person to be my co host who shares the same interests as me: - TV shows - Movies - Gaming - Star Wars - Lego - YouTube To Apply leave your yt channel link if you have one Your twitter...
  2. Invisible

    Lego gameplays and Copyright claims

    Hello people, Did anyone got in to troubles with copyright claims when published gamelpays with Lego games (etc. Lego Batman or other games that are available on Steam)? Just curious if its safe to publish Lego gameplays - i can not find anything mentioned officially by Lego regarding...
  3. Kelkschiz

    Looking for input on my first animation video

    Any useful feedback on animations and in particular LEGO animations would be much appreciated. This is the first time that I tried to animate a video and I would like to improve myself.
  4. B

    Which category should I choose? (I am new)

    Hi! I am new on Youtube and I am looking for your help. I am planning to start a channel about Lego tutorials, teaching people how to build cartoon/ gaming characters or other interesting builds with Lego. Which category should I choose? Also, should I choose more one category for my different...
  5. Lowki

    LEGO STAR WARS playthrough!

    Here is a link to my lego starwars playthrough:
  6. Duck1986

    LEGO Muppets Treasure Island - "Shiver My Timbers" Song

    Hi all, I present my latest work! Hi all, The opening scene of "Muppets Treasure Island", is one of my favorite musical intros to any film ever! So I recreated it in LEGO. I loved the idea of the animals telling the story of the treasure being buried! I used a programme called "Crazytalk" to...
  7. Kelkschiz

    Review my latest video please

    Hi, I would be much obliged if you could take a look at my latest video (LEGO Tank Warfare). I Tried to do a lot of new things in that video. Some things worked others didn't. But overall I am very happy with the end result. It is also the first video in which I collaborated with some YTtalk...
  8. Skitterkins

    Building Star Wars Lego

    So Star Wars came out and It was one of the most amazing movies. Upon doing some Christmas shopping I headed to my local store Toys R Us to look for some lego I could buy and build. Looking at all the prices and the empty wallet I had, going with the cheapest Lego was my best option. So here we...
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