1. Roscoe

    Subtitle *Auto Translate* Suddenly Disabled?

    Every video I upload receives automatic captions to English. Then I add the following languages to the subtitles: Czech Filipino German Hindi Indonesian Japanese Kazakh Korean Portuguese (Brazil) Russian Spanish With each language, I select the Auto Translate function, which translates the...
  2. Happydude

    Is there a difference between saying swear words (cussing) AND bleeping then out?

    So am wanting to start my own YouTube channel in the coming week but am wanting to reach a wider audience. At the same time I want to be genuine and not put on a fake persona. I use many swear words a lot during my journal everyday speech and am wondering how YouTube would treat my channel if I...
  3. illya__v

    my Spoken Word Poetry playlist (4 scientific poems)

    Hello all, I created a playlist of 4 spoken word poems I made and I'd like to share the link here. The playlist description is, 'Scientific and philosophical poetry that delves into the biology and psyche of humanity.' Thanks for checking it out! Titles: Architecture of Culture Memetic...
  4. Haikality

    Increasing English fluency by doing Let's Plays for foreign YouTubers?

    So, a lot of YouTubers out there (all genres, not only Gaming) upload videos on their languages. For Americans, Brits, Canadians, and Australians would have an advantage since they had English as their first language and almost everybody in this world would understand whatever they said. For...
  5. R

    Video language: Speaking English or English subtitles?

    Hi guys! I am starting another channel about my fitness and health in a vlogging type of way. Of course, this is an very present subject on Youtube. However, there are very few vloggers working on this subject. Therefore, I can see this working. But I'm wondering: can I reach viewers from...
  6. SeanFace101

    Does "Date Recorded", "Location", Language", etc.. Effect Things?

    On the page for my video's settings where i can change the desciption, title, etc.., in the Advanced Settings page, there is the fields for: Date Recorded, Location, Language, Caption Certification, etc.. :P Does adding all this additional information help in any way to get the video more...
  7. darkstarmedia

    Brilliant B Words!

    In my first DSM Language of 2017, I thought I'd talk about some of my favourite words beginning with B, as a follow-up to my Ambitious A Words video 3 months ago. I will be going through every letter eventually, so if adding new words to your vocabulary is your thing, do be sure to subscribe so...
  8. Feathers

    Is my content interesting & engaging?

    I'd like some feedback if my last video is interesting or entertaining? Any suggestions on improving in the future? SEO improvements welcome too.
  9. B

    Which category should I choose? (I am new)

    Hi! I am new on Youtube and I am looking for your help. I am planning to start a channel about Lego tutorials, teaching people how to build cartoon/ gaming characters or other interesting builds with Lego. Which category should I choose? Also, should I choose more one category for my different...
  10. It's Lenka

    Keywords in multiple languages

    Hey guys, I was wondering, how does it work with keywords? What if I want to target particular countries? Let's say: There is a video in Czech language, we make subtitles in English, description of the video in English, but we put the description of the video in 6 languages and inserd our...
  11. Scandinavian Freckles

    Other Language Collab /Challenge

    Hi there, I have been wanting to do a language collab for a long time ! My mother tongue is Norwegian and I am Fluent in English and Spanish. I also speak basic Danish, Swedish and German :) Is there any one out there who has a good idea for a language collab and would want to do it?? Let me...
  12. Lior Potolsky

    Swearing in Videos. Yay or Nay?

    Hi, everyone! Just curious, how do you feel about swearing on YouTube? How do you feel about a video with A LOT of it? What about a few "f***s" or "s**ts"? Or not at all? (I just started a new show and haven't said anything "dirty" yet. Not sure if I should let myself "go there")
  13. SeanFace101

    Question about "Video Language " in Video Settings?

    When uploading a new video, or well editing one I suppose too, where it asks for "Video Language" to be chosen in the Advanced Settings page, does it mean the language as in Audio / Speaking? or is it meaning Text and Writing on the video also? For example, one of my videos doesn't have and...
  14. darkstarmedia

    French Words You'll Love

    What are your favourites? Let me know if you'd like to see more in this style and subscribe to stay up to date on all things language, culture and useless trivia!
  15. It's Lenka

    How to create multi-language channel?

    Hey guys! I'd love to create a multi-language channel. I'd upload videos and create subtitles in various languages. Then I'd love to create a separate playlist for each language, where when people who speak that particular language can watch it and it automatically turns on the subtitles of...
  16. darkstarmedia

    Funny Victorian Slang!

    This week, go ultra vintage with me and learn about some of the most hilarious words that people actually used in Victorian England. No, seriously, they're ridiculous.
  17. Average Bars

    Saying Hello in Chinese: it's more involved than you'd think

    How to say hello in Chinese. I do my best to pronounce things, but dialects besides Mandarin are a little outside my wheelhouse. I hope you enjoy!
  18. darkstarmedia

    What The Heck Is IPA?

    It's a new week, and that means a new episode of DSM Language! This time, I explain the basics of IPA, what it is and why it's actually really important. Enjoy, my lovelies!
  19. darkstarmedia

    What The Heck Is Syntax?

    It's used in every language known to man. We use it every day without knowing. But what is it? In under 4 minutes, I cover the basics of syntax, why it's important and hopefully don't bore your socks off. Enjoy, my lovelies!
  20. Average Bars

    Is Learning a Foreign Language Cultural Appropriation?

    In this video I address a tweet calling learning another language which is not a part of one's culture as cultural appropriation. Tell me what you think, if I messed up somewhere or if you agree/disagree with my opinion.
  21. darkstarmedia

    Common English Mistakes!

    I think we've established by now that I'm very passionate about my words, and my Facebook News Feed is no exception to my scrutiny! Watch my latest video and see if you're guilty of any of these common mistakes!
  22. darkstarmedia

    British Phrases & Slang!

    Have you ever wondered how long a "donkey's year" is? Or maybe who Bob is and why he's your uncle? And why does everything we say seem to revolve around tea? I hear you. That's why I've made a video explaining some quintessentially British phrases, which you can view right here: Let me know...