Does "Date Recorded", "Location", Language", etc.. Effect Things?


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On the page for my video's settings where i can change the desciption, title, etc.., in the Advanced Settings page, there is the fields for: Date Recorded, Location, Language, Caption Certification, etc.. :p Does adding all this additional information help in any way to get the video more views? or rank better? or what? :p If not, what benefit is there to the video uploader to have all these other info things added?
It makes your video look a whole lot more professional and it makes it look like it worth watching. For stats, it's completely useless. It won't make your video rank higher at all.

-Harold from Three Little Words Studios
In the description of your video. That's where some people look before they watch the video to get a summary and to see how professional you are. Links are a HUGE FACTOR in descriptions. That makes you look professional. At least it does to me

-Harold from Three Little Words Studios
Never, ever, on any video I've ever seen on YouTube, have I seen the location or date-recorded in the description area. Can you post a screenshot?[DOUBLEPOST=1489027614,1489026536][/DOUBLEPOST]According to Google's publications, the location field is not shown in the description field and the data is available only via the API for use in other apps like Google Earth.
Cant find much about the Record Date, other than that despite what has been posted, it does not show in the description field. My guess is that it is also only available via the API.
I don't know if those options help with your video ranking or SEO. But I would assume they are put there for a reason. They wouldn't add something to the settings that was useless.
Maybe the language relates to where your video pops up, if you mark your video as English, it won't show up (or at least not as high) for someone using YouTube in Spanish. Maybe location will help boost it in ranking when the people who search are nearby where it was recorded.
Only thing that would effect it a bit is Location/Language, say if you were uploading in Asia with a different timezone and language set at "Chinese" or whatever - then of course it wouldn't be showing up everywhere on YouTubes US users -- Location matters in the beginning but then when you get your views in and etc, it doesn't really matter anymore.
I fill out everything even if it does. nothing. Have to show that attention to detail. Did you know some million sub channels don't even know how to add cc??? Well whatever I can do to look more pro than them, I'll do