1. iMovieKing

    Anyone else excited for the youtube demolition derby?

    I'm a long-time subscriber to Roman Atwood and he always has great ideas, especially this one. When I saw the list of participating youtubers, my excitement increased by 1000%. I Can't Wait!


    These days it's so difficult to "blow up" on YouTube. Back when I was just a viewer the platform was filled with so many unique videos that got pretty decent views. Nowadays you have to follow trends in order to get big and a lot of these trends are so dumb ): I don't want to talk about who I...
  3. BlockyLive

    Who's Happy for KillerKeelstar's dismissal

    Ive learned that Keemstar just left Dramalert. He was replaced with Ty Blue. I'm was very happy to hear that. He got on my nerves for many reasons (i'm sure you know them already). First he hurt many Youtuber reputation by spreading hateful information and some times he even spread false info as...
  4. Onister Gaming

    My Thoughts On Keemstar?

    Tell me what you think!
  5. Kass

    Greatest channel trailer ever??

    I mean, it has a limited edition custom made Keemstar and Bashurverse WWE 2K15 in game characters, Jinx saying his classic line,''ooh fiestly lil thing'', 60 pictures of John Cena in 10 seconds, an old school 5..4..3..2..1.. black and white intro and some sick sounds from NCS! Does it get any...
  6. Tyhd


  7. Tyhd

    Keemstar Cries on Twitter

    Lmao twittercom/KEEMSTAR/status/739962697287143424 He's such a tool
  8. D

    Thoughts on Matthew Santoro vs. Nicole Arbor?

    So I've heard a lot of talk about the whole Matthew Santoro vs. Nicole Arbor debate. But I wanted to hear some fresh opinions about it. Anybody got any thoughts they'd like to share?