indie game

  1. Winger94

    The journey in Underdread continues full straight ahead!

    Hello guys! It's time to return into this scrambled castle! This game is full of riddles and makes my head completely steamy D:. Between solving puzzles and watching for that freaking skeleton there is a lot to do so let's go!
  2. Hellolabgroup

    NEVERENDING NIGHTMARES - Let me AXE a Question (Horror)

    I HIGHLY recommend this game if you like horror and unique art styles! I was terrified, had goosebumps, was sweating, and was just generally REALLY uncomfortable playing this! Watch me roam from one nightmare to the next in this Nightmare-ception of a horror game! :D
  3. Winger94

    A new rogue robotic game! It's time for Rocket Fist!

    Hi there guys! I had so much fun playing this new indie game. His name is Rocket Fist and the aim is to kill enemies with rocket propelled fists! Those commands were a pain in the a** to learn (I know I'm slow minded in this D: ). But after taking the hand everything becomes easier. I managed to...
  4. Winger94

    Time to escape from an abandoned hospital in Not Alone - Hospital terror!

    Hello guys, how's going? Every day is a good day for being trapped into a completely abandoned hospital, chased by a bloodlusty ghost. We need to collect 2 keys for unlocking the exit so what are we waiting for? Of course If you want to tell me anything feel free to use the comments because that...
  5. Winger94

    Playing tag with a demonic toy clown in POGO

    Hello guys how are you today? I hope you are fine because this game scared me quite a bit. Despite a ratherly low graphic quality being chased by a clown isn't exactly a thing that makes me so happy! I hope you will like it ( of course if you want you are free to leave a comment, if you want to...
  6. Winger94

    Oh no! The furniture is flying again in Home from Work 2!

    Hello guys! It's time for jumping again in the world of Home from Work with his sequel! Different house, different characters, same old story. Returning home and finding a lot of things completely scrambled should make feel everyone completely scared! If you like the video you are free to leave...
  7. Winger94

    Time to travel more with Markiplier in the second part of The Serpent that Binds me!

    Hello guys I hope you are ok today, because Mark needs our help! The journey into this infernal lab is just begun and is far from being over. Gigantic monsters and traps everywhere are the best ingredients for this experience! If there is something you want to share with me about the video feel...
  8. Winger94

    A new indie horror adventure! It's time for Home from Work!

    Returning home is always nice, but finding chairs flying across the room isn't as nice..... If you are scared by paranormal events maybe you should not watch this video. (just kidding watch it!). I hope you will like it and remember that you have the power to give feedback with comments, that...
  9. Winger94

    The channel isn't doing so great in Tube Tycoon!

    Who told that opening a youtube channel could be so difficult? Days are passing but no results are being obtained and I'm only losing money! I hope you will stick to me in this and remember, feel free to leave a comment on the video if you liked that because that would be amazing!
  10. Winger94

    A new indie game! Welcome to Bitsturbed!

    Hi there guys and happy Sunday to everyone. I found this game on gamejolt and I have to admit: it can be still in alpha but I adore it! It's awesome with his pixelated graphic merged with action and aliens. I think you will like it! Of course if you really enjoyed feel free to leave feedback or...
  11. Winger94

    THE DARKNESS RISES UP | The Night Blight nightmare!

    Hi there guys! Here we are again with another small indie horror game that made me chilling in fear. Welcome to The Night Blights! If you are fan of Five Nights at Freddy's I think you will like this game. The mechanics are almost the same but the environment is something completely different...
  12. Jawad Soomro


    Trapped inside the Hotel. Creepy ghost is following us. What's next?
  13. WolfWraith

    They Ceased Development Of This Beauty - Clouds Below (prototype)

    Welcome to Clouds Below. So shattered that the devs had to part ways and cease development. Hopefully some day we'll see them return to the industry.
  14. Jawad Soomro


    Another horror game with some scary surprises. You have to find the key to the Toilet and then another key to the kitchen which I fail as the ghost arrives. You will meet white monsters with broken teeth and bleeding eyes, they are able to rotate their head at any angle and stare at us. Many...
  15. ChicTomboy

    Check Out This Wonderful Indie Game | The Way of Life

    If you want to have some feels, this is your type of game.
  16. ProjectJamesify

    BEST SUPERCAR IN BERLIN 1982! (Berlin '82 Funny Moments)

    Berlin '82 is a hilarious, new indie game! Here are my funny moments! Please leave constructive feedback below! Thank you :) -James
  17. Jawad Soomro


    Alice gets the key inside the house in the tree and she heads towards the rose garden, here we meet the spade guy walking by, we just have jump higher to stay safe from his height. Eventually as Alice jumps down, the game is inverted, so the up becomes DOWN and down becomes UP. Following the...
  18. Jawad Soomro


    This Horror game is about the girl named Fran Bow who has mental disorder. She lives with her parents and a black cat called Mr Midnight. One day her parents are killed mysteriously and she went to the Mental asylum to find out the truth and their murderer. But the things don't seem good as they...
  19. Blakeusness

    Who's Your Daddy? - Meet Rodger the baby!

    Hi guys! Just made a new video on the game 'Who's your daddy' A fun indie that has been greenly on steam! Hope you enjoy!
  20. Dice Rollen

    Let's Play: Fran Bow-Part 8 | The Ritual

    The twins want Fran to perform a ritual to summon a lost soul...but I found a different ritual.
  21. Jawad Soomro

    This is forever (INDIE GAME)

    This is very beautiful game, the music is so soothing and the graphics are heavenly. We have to collect three memories each time to open each gate. The game ends with heavenly home situated at the sky.
  22. Jawad Soomro

    Shadowplay - Journey to Wonderland CHAPTER 2

    This is second chapter of this game, the pool of Tears. Alice eats something that shrinks her into an ant size. So Alice has face fishes and sharks in her journey to the next round, and in some stage the BLACK CAT will chase us and so we have to run as fast as possible. I hope you guys will...
  23. Jawad Soomro

    Midnight Library JAWAD SOOMRO

    I am stuck in the library and I need to get out of here although the doors are closed. We need to find the keys and push buttons to get the hell out of here. We need to turn on the switch that is located in the special room so that we could go to the stairs. History room has the switch that...
  24. Jawad Soomro

    Shadowplay - Journey to wonderland (CHAPTER 1)

    This is quite interesting indie game. So we have to collect maximum number of stars throughout the adventure. Chapter 1: Down the Rabbit-Hole
  25. Jawad Soomro

    The Very Organized Thief

    So I am given list of things to steal, I have to steal those before the house owner comes back and catches me. I really enjoyed playing this game and I love stealing things. My result is ORGANIZED THIEF.