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  1. CandyPhantom

    Quiet Town? [LiEat Video Gameplay]

    Today, I present to you a cute indie, rpg game about a lie-eating dragon, Efi and her guardian, Leo.
  2. Indie Connect

    Indie Horror game Never Look Back on Kickstarter

    I never imagined a 16-bit sides scrolling indie game was going to spook me the way this one did. Check out my video and if you enjoy the game you can go download it right now on kickstarter!
  3. SeriousRave

    Serious Plays: Oxenfree [P7]

    Hey guys Serious Plays: Oxenfree Part 7 is coming up soon! It'll be great if anyone checks out our channel for various amounts of content!
  4. Neimos


    Hi guys! It would be awesome if you could check my newest video! It's a gameplay from an indie game called Everend. It's cute, looks great and has beautiful music. I'm sure you'll enjoy it! :) If you'd like to be sure to check my other videos. Maybe you'll find something you like? ;)
  5. lrduffy


    Hi guys, so I've been around the forum for a little while, but only now splashed some cash to get access in here haha. Anyways, this is my latest upload and I'm actually pretty proud of it! I'm usually really self critical and I'll love my video for all of 2 minutes, then I hate it once it's...
  6. Hellolabgroup

    A Dev asked me to play his game - Here it is!! :D

    WE GOT EATEN BY A TOILET MONSTER!! I was asked to play this game by its creator and am really excited to give you this sneak peek at The Secret Monster Society! This indie adventure will be available on Steam starting TOMORROW (7/28/16) so be sure to check it out and get it for yourself!!!
  7. Winger94

    Another stage, another ride! | Mighty No 9 Cryosphere beat up!

    It's finally time for some more Mighty No 9! In this episode we venture in the Water Works Bureau for resetting the Mighty No 2, Cryosphere! But she (yes is a she) isn't so willing to shut the hell up and will puke horrible cold-related jokes every second! Thanks in advance for watching, and if...
  8. Winger94

    Worse then murderers, they are MURDERSHIFTERS!

    Hello guys! I had so much fun playing this game, it's short and simple but it's really well thought! Rules are simple: there are some murderers that hide among normal citizens, and after a while they will starting killing everyone! We need to understand WHO is the killer and putting him to sleep...
  9. Winger94

    A new adventure in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth!

    Hello guys in the forum and happy Saturday! I don't know how many of you know or like this game, but I adore it so much that I decided to run a weekly series of runs. Everything could be plain, but the rule is that I'll use always the same exact character: the demon Azazel, because I love it and...
  10. Winger94

    A nice inspect in the human nature with Dangerous Days!

    When I looked up at this game on gamejolt I felt interested because of the graphic but then I played it and I need to say it's really well done. Okay is still in beta and it's short but it delivers a good point to think about. If you are willing to put the human existence in doubt feel free to...
  11. Winger94

    A mindblowing (literally) indie game! | PROCESS!

    Hello guys, how are you today? I hope your brain is ready because this game took mine and threw it right into the trash. I didn't expect a point and click game when I played it, but I think you'll like it. Basically in this game we must prevent a disaster and stopping a train, but every step...
  12. Winger94

    SO MUCH NOSTALGIA!| Mighty no 9 First impressions!

    Hello guys! I'm so thrilled to play this game. I really loved Megaman when I was a young tiny boy ( I played a lot of them) and I have great expectations for Mighty No 9. This will be a first impression video and it was difficult enough! If you have any suggestion feel free to use the comments...
  13. Winger94

    THE JOURNEY CONTINUES IN Amnesia: The Dark Descent!

    I'm so thrilled, after so many months I have the chance to playing again this wonderful game. I stopped Amnesia a long time ago and I actually forgot where I were but now it's time to walking again. I reached the elevator, but there is no power and we need to access the Machine Room, that...
  14. Winger94

    THIRD NIGHT in Dungeon Nightmares 2! Truly a nightmare!

    This game didn't seem so scary at the beginning. The first 2 nights went so nicely and nothing bad actually happened. Now it's different: all those jumpscares are attempting my poor heart, I don't know for how long it will survive. I hope you'll like this video and of course, if you have any...
  15. Winger94

    Final Nights 2 ends here! But we need to earn our freedom from this nightmare!

    Well this game made me sweat 7 shirts. IF I thought that the first 4 nights were difficult I had to regret about that, and also pretty badly. In this fifth and final night instead of the normal animatronics there will be Springtrap, Nightmare and Balloon Boy and they aren't so happy to see you...
  16. Winger94

    This game is almost over but there are still 2 nights to go! Final Nights 2!

    It's time for the fourth night in this wonderful horror game. Now the gang is complete and the last animatronic joined the party, our delightful Chica. She'll share the same path as Foxy but acts in a totally different way, the flashlight will be vital. Apart from her, all the others reached the...
  17. Winger94

    A big, explosive finale for the last part of Five Nights at F**kboy's!

    This is where everything ends. I loved playing this indie game, but everything has an end. Now it's time to discover the identity of who is stopping Freddy and his gang from having his debauchery night! Everything lies in the Office, so what are we waiting for? Main I liked this game so much...
  18. Winger94

    The night is going on and Freddy isn't satisfied yet! Five Nights at F**kboy's!

    Even if This game maybe don't be for everyone, for his over-the-top humor, I'm actually enjoying playing something a bit different from usual! The party is almost maxed out and it's only a matter of time before Freddy will have what he deserves! I hope you will like this game. Of course if you...
  19. Winger94

    An endless debauchery with Freddy and the gang in Five Nights at F**kboy's!

    Well this game is different from a canonic RPG game. If you thought that Freddy Fazbear was scary well he just wants to have his debauchery! In this part of my LP finally I can complete the party with the 2 missing buddies, so we can finally end the life of those pesky security cameras! I know...
  20. Winger94

    The first night has never been so hard! Final Nights 2 LP!

    Everyone who played Five Nights at Freddy's or another fan gamer related to it know that the first night is the easiest one of all. Well with Final Nights 2 you can easily forget about the because it's hell! After a lot of trials I managed to complete the first one ( I ran out of curses during...
  21. Jawad Soomro


    Another horror games that is hella scary. Enjoy my gameplay.
  22. Winger94

    The journey in Joy of Creation reached a new point!

    Hello guys! After a while I managed to reach the last animatronic in this wonderful game! Despite the appearances Chica is the most ferocious among all the 4! I enjoyed this game so much, I hope you will like it as well!
  23. Winger94

    Are you ready to face your Destiny? One way to find it out!

    Hello guys! It passed a while since the last time I played a small indie horror game and now here we are! I waited for a bit for the release of this small game, and despite the simplicity it was entertaining enough. And you, what do you think about it?
  24. Winger94

    A new adventure under several seas in Subnautica!

    And in the end I decided to play this game and I think is pretty beautiful, despite i'm not so good at this type of games (so don't expect spectacular performances xD). I hope you will like the video ( I know there will be some small fps drops but I couldn't remove them!) If you want to give me...
  25. Winger94

    Will be able to answer this question? Why?!

    This game left me with more questions than before! I know it's still a game in beta, but the ending was a bit weird! But in the end I liked it! Time for Why?
  26. Winger94

    A new Foxy guest int the nightmare | The Joy of Creation: Reborn

    The pool of the Animatronics in Joy of Creation keep rising and now it's Foxy turn! He acts different from Bonnie and Freddy and we will need much more reflexes than before. Better use that flashlight!
  27. Winger94

    Another week, other progresses in Tube Tycoon!

    Hello guys, how are you doing today? The journey in Tube Tycoon is proceeding faster than what I thought. Subscribers are coming, but money is going away and the situation becomes harder day after day. I don't want to end in bankrupt D:. I hope you will like the video (of course if you want to...
  28. Jareditton

    Sonic Dreams Collection Part 3 - Blue Ball of Death

  29. Winger94

    Old, abandoned, desolated. Those are the words for Ghost Town!

    Hello everyone! When I found this game I was a bit skeptic because the images didn't tell me so much about the game but then I played it and despite the easy graphics it's entertaining enough! Ghost Town is a new indie horror game with the plot of collecting crosses and avoiding monsters ( yeah...
  30. Winger94

    Roaming in a new nightmare in the Joy of Creation:Reborn!

    Hello guys! The Joy of Creation:Reborn got an update and I noticed that thing happened when I played the first alpha version so I managed to play this one soon after. I can say 100% that it's freaking awesome!!! The new graphic+ the free roaming+ an actual task to accomplish make great results!