1. Paranoia_Origins

    Need PS4 SHAREfactory suggestions? Come on innnn... check it out!

    Hey whats up ps4 users, today I wanted to make a forum post just to give some information I feel you guys should know, if you don't already know! Now first here is a lot of questions people ask a lot! "How do I import Music/Videos/Images into SHAREfactory?" I will try my best to explain it all...
  2. BrettTaylorYT

    Images for Videos?

    I want to make videos where I read creepy stories/urban legends/creepy pastas/etc, and play images in the background. Like many of the other scary videos on YouTube. My question is where or how can I use images in my video without getting a copyright strike. I want to be able to someday monetize...
  3. K

    How youtube allow these channels to use copyright images and video

    Hi all :) i new to youtube and like to start new channel and monetize it. i am concerning about the fair usage of copyright material, My channel will be History documentary based so it gonna use lots of copyright images. I saw various youtube channels on what ads are running but they are...
  4. Tobe Gaming

    Request Gaming Youtube Channel Request.

    Afternoon guys... brand new to the forum... I am Tobey, 28 and from the UK. I'm married and have two kids. I am starting a gaming YouTube channel and would love some help with some graphics... (Banner, Thumbnail and Intro/Outro video) I will try to explain what I'm after... BANNER.. A police...
  5. E

    I have some open questions about copyright and trademarks and i cant find answers anywhere

    Hey, maybe someone of you can help me. It seems impossible to find clear answers to my questions and since i put a lot of work into my videos, i want to avoid having to delete them later: 1. When i use an image with an Creative Commons - Attribution license, WHERE do i have to put the name? Is...
  6. SeanFace101

    Whats the correct px size for a YoutTube thumbnail?

    When I am creating a thumbnail on paint what ????x???? pz should it be to prevent any of the thumbnail image bein not seen cut out, etc.. when the thumbnail is see when its on the video? :P Thanks.
  7. Derrick Toys

    New Vlog Review & Thumbnail Help!!

    Would love suggestions how to improve. What do you think of thumbnail? Searching software for better thumbnails but can't seem to find anything comparable to photoshop. Looking for ways to improve uploads for higher ranking, any advice??
  8. SeanFace101

    How do i change the image of a playlist?

    I have a playlist on my channel and the image for it wont change. All my over playlist's images change to the image of the latest video added to it, but one of my playlists wont :P How do I change the image for that playlist? or at least get that playlist to change automatically to the latest...
  9. SeanFace101

    Will YouTube Ever Start Allowing Channel Skins?

    Do you think YouTube will ever start letting their members use changeable skins on their channels so their more customised / brandable? :P PS: or Have they ever done this at anytime in the past since YouTube has created many years ago?
  10. SeanFace101

    What size should the banner be on my channel?

    What size should the channel banner be for my channel? :P I'm going to give making one ago. :D Hopefully will be good, will defo be better than the one I have currently got anyways lol . :P
  11. SeanFace101

    How do i get a Photo from Video to use as Thumbnail?

    How do i get a photo shot from my video to use as Thumbnail? Because a lot of the time the 3 youtube give the choice from aren't that good. :P
  12. jschlatt

    Using copyrighted pictures in your videos.

    There's this channel with 1.6 million subscribers called BroScienceLife. In his videos he talks about lifting and that kind of stuff. He's funny, and the use of pictures throughout the video that pop up as he's talking makes the videos funnier. Is that legal? If a channel with 1.6 million...