1. D

    Ithis my channel want to increase my subscribers

    Hello im labocamper who doing youtuber in korea Please come and watch it If you like it please follow and subscribe please
  2. S


    Please find a minute and complete this survey on YouTube . We guys will try to solve your problems.
  3. S

    Need help finding a new intro line for my friend!

    Hi all, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions for new intro lines to say at the beginning of the videos for Jinx ASMR channel! All suggestions are welcome !
  4. MillieCan

    Advice on getting my first 200 subscribers?

    I cant seem to get out of the 120's range. I am going to begin consistent post,I have a video I am editing tomorrow. But beyond this, I have been so discouraged by the same sub range. I have patience and I am willing to learn. I know it comes wit time, but getting out of this zone feels impossible.
  5. MillieCan

    Do You Think Youtube is Unfair to Newbies?

    Youtube has come up with so many new rules. I am kind of sad by this. It is so unfair, I feel like it is impossible to even grow. The new watch time rules is terrible. I am trying to find my way, I don't understand how new people join and gain so many subs and views without struggles like most...
  6. EJ Hoffman-Stinson

    Unboxing series help!

    Hello Everyone! I am wanting to start a Unboxing series like unbox therapy does. (does it suck) wanting to start something like that but need help with a name. I dont want to use the same thing he does but i was thinking something like Worth it tech or Worth buying. Give me some suggestions. I...
  7. Klaustronix

    [LOCKED] Can you play cracked games?

    I know this might be a rather sensitive topic and I've always struggled to ask this, but I really need to/slash want to know -- is it okay to play cracked/pirated games for your YouTube? I can't afford to buy those AAA games and that's what you should be playing I suppose, on a YouTube gaming...

    Is My Channel Design/Logo Good Enough?

    I'm wondering if my channel design is good enough for what i'm doing or i should do something a bit more simplified or work on it a bit more.

    If you were in college, how would you post your videos?

    Just wanted to get an opinion. If you were in college, and had time to upload videos during the weekday or the weekend, what would you do and how would you schedule them. I was wondering since i am thinking about making videos in college since my classes are short and they are only day classes.

    Video Opinions?

    I'm doing a new series on my channel where i gather all the latest news of the week and sum it up in one quick video. I'm interested to see what everyone thinks about them.
  11. bazerath

    Monetizing questions! HELP!

    i've read a lot about monetizing and have also watched a lot of videos just to educate myself before i get into monetizing my videos. i was going to go with a network but i honestly don't really need the services they provide right now. i'm just worried i don't know enough about monetizing my...