1. Blakeusness

    10 SUBS! So Happy!

    finally get the 10 subs! so happy! :D :D
  2. ninja-boyz

    10 Subscribers! I'm so happy guys!

    So I finally got 10 subscribers after a couple months! I know it may not be that much, but I know for a fact that all of them are somewhat active subscribers because I've met all of them.
  3. TheSolarCat

    Gaming Anyone wants a bigger fanbase for the both of us? Click me!

    Hi my name is TheSolarCat.....which i think is an OG name....anyways i LOVE to record The types of games i play/record Xbox1/Xbox360: Call of duty, battlefield, fifa 16, gta5,smite,minecraft, and many more! PC: csgo, unturned, dayz,smite world of tanks/ships.......warthunder, league of legends...
  4. wasabiroots

    6 months & 600 subs :)

    I'm happy ^^ I could see how much different my first video and my latest video are. The first one is(the first few are) so s**t, its an embarrassment to my channel lol. I like how I could see improvements on my editing skills as my very first video was made on a whim without prior knowledge of...