1. SeanFace101

    My Friends Singing Paulo Nutini Candy (With Guitar Playing)

    DJ & Wiggy Playing Guitar & Singing Paulo Nutini Candy! :dance: This is a video of Derek Semple (DJ) and Stephen Docherty (Wiggy) from Castlemilk, Glasgow, Scotland. They are signing Candy by Paulo Nutini and DJ is playing the guitar too. The person to the left in the video is Rick Mail, my...
  2. RyanSoanes

    Music Vocalist & Guitarist seeking collab

    Hey guys, the title kind of speaks for its self but I am looking to collab with some people. I tried to link my videos for you all to see but it wouldn't let me, if you are interested in seeing what you would be working with get in contact with me :) I am happy to do anything acoustic or...
  3. Nick Rivera

    200 subs and aiming 10 likes per video :P

    Hey guys! Just wanted to say that I finally reached 200 subs on YouTube!!! I make guitar videos pretty much about Santana, The Eagles, Eric Clapton and more. I get average 7 likes per video. I would love to get 10! :P. Can't wait to read about your milestones guys. Take it easy Nick...
  4. sbrewer918

    Cradle of Filth - Guitar Covers

    I have lots of guitar covers on my page. There is a significant amount of "Cradle of Filth" on there, so I figured I'd post some! There are loads more on my page! :) Ranging from in the last couple months, to couple years lol
  5. Kyle Janulis

    Guitar talk!

    Just a short 30-second sketch we put together! What do you all think? I know the quality could be improved as well as the sound but other than that any good?
  6. J

    Music 15 year old male singer

    Hey everyone! I'm a 15 year old guy, and I sing, play tabla and a little guitar. I live in Sharjah, UAE. I'll try and explain the nature of my voice. It is rather low pitched, and I find it quite hard to hit high notes sometimes. But it is possible for me to reach up to the average pitch level...
  7. kimkewl

    Music and vlogs? Hello yttalk :D

    Hey guys! I make some guitar videos, and I also really into travel videos/ vlogging, and make videos of happenings and of me taking photography and stuff.. abit varied content, but can you dig it tho? ;P I would love both feedback and to conect with people who do the same kind of content...