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Nick Rivera

Hey guys!

Just wanted to say that I finally reached 200 subs on YouTube!!! I make guitar videos pretty much about Santana, The Eagles, Eric Clapton and more.

I get average 7 likes per video. I would love to get 10! :p.

Can't wait to read about your milestones guys.

Take it easy


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Congratulations on getting to 200 subscribers dude. Wish you the best on your quest to averaging 10 likes a video :)
Congrats on hitting 200 subs! I can only assume that you've played Black Magic Woman? How did you find that? I love the song when I'm listening, but hate playing it unless I get really into it xD
Yeah it took me a while to get the motivation to play the song but like you it's better to play it when I get really into it.