gta 5 collaboration

  1. okno13

    Gaming PC Gaming Collabs (13+)

    Hey there! I've been wanting to collab with some people for a while, so please feel free to message me on Discord (okno13#7650) or Twitter (@FrozenPicklesYT)! Requirements: Not overly salty, and here to have a good time! 13+ Good mic, with little to no background noise 720p30 recordings...
  2. MattTries

    Gaming COLLAB WITH ME!! PS4/PC/XboxOne

    I'm a really friendly person who really likes to find new friends and new collaborations. I'm 14 years old and feel like I do Youtube really well for my age. I have around 340 to 350 subscribers, depending on when you read this. I have just about 150 videos and really would like to get more out...
  3. Paranoia O Rigins

    Gaming PS4 Looking for Collaborations

    What does my collaboration consist of? I would like to make a collaboration The Division, Grand Theft Auto 5, Final Fantasy XIV, Tropico 5, Minecraft, etc (PS4 since its the only thing I have at the moment that lets me record, edit and upload videos). Minecraft - in which will be trying to...
  4. MajesticBox

    GTA 5 Online Funny Moments - Overpowered Trucks, Flying Glitch

    GTA 5 Online Funny Moments - Overpowered Trucks, Flying Glitch Today in Gta 5 I play with a special guest Rexrockz HD go sub to him, his channel is good and has Gta 5 glitches. Him and I play with overpowered trucks and also a flying glitch. Hope you guys enjoy the Gta 5. If you enjoyed the...
  5. Domo

    Gaming Looking for a crew

    How's it going man? Good alright now let me cut to the chase lol. I'm looking for people to make a group. A crew you could say. It's not going to be that Faze clan s**t No. it's going to be a content creation crew, where we record together and grow together. I like your editing style and your...
  6. A

    Gaming (pc) collab gta 5 and other games

    hi, my name is Mahmoud Mohd.I well like to collab with someone else to make videos together. I use facecam my channel (amrzas). you should be around 13 or more. you should be in puberty. the game I play most of the time is GTA 5 online .but any other game will work
  7. BrandonNexus


    Hi there i'm GigaPlayerX and Youtube suggested me to come here and find new talent! I'm really glad to find this place and I hope some people are willing to join! I have over 2K subs and i'm a regular in GTA V online, which is why i'm looking for a solid crew to team up with and make some funny...
  8. C

    Gaming Gta5 collab

    I am a 17 yr old male and i like in texas.I am looking forward to doing a collab with someone with a ps4. Dont worry about having a good mic because mines not great.whoever wants to collab must have gta 5 because we will be playing online.
  9. Lacertus

    Gaming Forming a collab group to play gta 5! (Xbox one)

    Hello everyone! If you want to play custom races, or just mess around in gta 5, message me in xbox one. Also I might record it on my elgato hd60! My Xbox gt: SqueakySandwich I am 13, but you can look at my videos, and I don't sound like a "squeaker" (even though my gt is squeakysandwich) XD
  10. E

    Gaming funny moments on ps4 collaberation

    looking for some friends on ps4 t do some skits with on ps4. must be 18 years or older. great sense of humor. add me on ps4: erikgthelegend
  11. E


    I'm looking for gamers that play GTA online a lot. I'm making a series called Mexican Adventures which is where I take my character in GTA and mess around the city doing crazy and intense stuff. I have done an intro video for it already. What I'm looking for now is to have homies or girls be...
  12. MHawk123

    Gaming LOOKING FOR PS4 COLAB!!! HMU!!!

    Hi, I am MHawk123, I'm looking for someone to colab on either GTAV, BO3, Minecraft, or 7 Days To die. Requirements: -13+ -Decent Mic -(sub count doesn't matter to me) IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, HMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Dank_Lounge

    Gaming Looking for a group of youtubers on xbox one (GTA 5 FUNNY MOMENTS)

    Yo whats up!! I'm 15 and my channel has 51 subs and 3.5k views!! If you're interested plz email me at but you have to meet these requirements Must be 13 or older Must have Xbox One Must have GTA 5 Must have decent mic Must have skype Channel must have more than 10 subs...
  14. GrizzForLyfe

    Gaming Who wants to collab on GTA 5?? (PS4)

    I'm a girl gamer and I would like to make a collab video for YouTube. My PSN name is Grizz4L_11 Just send me a message here or on PS4.
  15. D

    Gaming Youtube Group

    Hello I'm a small YT who is looking to grow and collaborate with other YT's as well. I have 133 subs and want to find at least 3-5 other people to do YT with. I would want to focus on NBA 2K, GTA funny moments, Call of Duty funny moments, and GTA skits/series Requirements 1.Xbox one 2.17+...
  16. KillG

    Gaming Ps4, NO REQUIRMENTS! :)

    What's up guys! KillG here! I just want to find people the chill out with on ps4. I've got: COD BO3, GTA 5, and fifa 16 (which i'm s**t at). I don't care how many subs or views u got. I just wanna find people to grow with and have fun! :) I'm 14, going to turn 15 this May :) If your interested...
  17. Jorpheus

    Gaming PS4 Collabs - New youtuber

    Hey, I'm a new youtuber (Jorpheus), I'm Irish and 18 years old. I only have 9 subscribers after a week of uploading but hope to increase that! Hoping to find some people to collab with on fifa, gta, minecraft and probably the division when it comes out! Get back to me? :coolshades:
  18. DatTechStuff

    Gaming GTA (PC) Online Streams!

    Hey, I'm looking for a few people to play with on GTA Online streams for PC! If you're interested message me your Skype! :D (REQUIREMENTS) - Decent Microphone (Blue Snowball/Equivalent or Above) - A PC With Specs Good Enough To Run GTA - Decent Internet Connection (So That Skype Doesn't Muck...
  19. Frankie95

    Gaming GTA GAMING GROUP (females only)(PS4)

    I'm already in a group and we play and record GTA, and BO3 every week and we're looking to have a mixed group as it doesn't seem like it has been done before on youtube. I haven't posted any GTA videos but I have posted a couple of real life videos.
  20. RobCoxxy

    GTA Online Collab: Slasher!

    Hi guys, RobCoxxy here! Today I've got a short GTA Online Collab ft. Oshki and ZealBoy! We're tackling Slasher in First Person Only for extra scares!
  21. Frankie95


    wassup? I am looking to start a gaming group on youtube kind of like The Sidemen. I would like us to play GTA5 on PS4 mainly but also mix it up with different games. 17+ lads and ladies. Obviously I would like for whoever is interested to be open minded and not to be taken seriously as I am...
  22. Juniorfmrad

    Gaming GTA 5 PS3 YT Video Collab (& Maybe Gaming Crew)

    Hey, Basically I Have No Subscribers Or Views. I Have A PS3 And I Want To Collab With People And Upload A Video Where Were Playing Together. And Maybe Start A Small Gaming Crew And Grow Together. If You Have Any Questions About Me, Any Skill Or My Youtube, Feel Free To Ask! Thank You.
  23. TheOnlyICEYHD

    Gaming Gaming Group of 3 looking for People!

    Me and My Two Friends are a Gaming Group looking for Funny People to make Videos with, We inspire to be Like VanossGaming/KYR SP33DY's Crew Playing Games such as Garry's Mod (PC), GTA V (PC/XB1), Dead Realm (PC) and other Popular games. All 3 of us Together Combined we have 1,496 Subscribers. If...
  24. Zenzic

    Gaming Youtube Collaborations Only PC

    Hello There!!!!! Im Not New In The Youtube Community I have been doing this for about 2 years now and i love it. I been wanting to colab with different people for a long time now because I love meeting new people and love getting to know new people. I mostly play GTA 5 And Garrys Mod so if...
  25. Joavix

    Gaming Collaboration

    Hi, I just started my YouTube account yesterday. I need someone to record gta 5 and black ops 3 on ps4. I don't Care your subscriber amount. I just want a friend to record with. Twitter: YaBoyJoavix YouTube: Joavix
  26. ChasetotheFinish

    Gaming Collab for PS4 Livestreamers and more

    Hello thanks for clicking on this thread. I am a youtube gaming streamer that is hoping to work with other streamers with over 500 subs. This may seam like a lot to the beginning streamer but in the end this is a very small requirement. The only requirements for this Collab/Collabs will be the...
  27. wildvideo4

    Gaming Looking for gta5 gamers for ps4

    Looking for gta5 gamers for ps4
  28. Warhero

    Gaming [PS4] Looking to collab with Youtubers | GTA 5

    Hey guy's War here, I have just started up a channel about a couple weeks ago and I am looking for some other youtubers who want to record GTA 5 with me! I want to start uploading funny moments from the races, duck hunts and other GTA 5 playlist modes, but the problem is that I dont have that...
  29. ChasetotheFinish

    Gaming Long Term Xbox 360 GTA Online Colab (roleplays and More!)

    Hi I am a GTA Youtuber and I post Content every Tues. Weds. and Fri. If you play GTA V On the XBOX 360 and would love to be in my videos all you need it 200subs Min and be at least 14yrs old. I am excepting everyone that can fit in this crew! http:/ /socialclub. rockstargames .com/ crew/...