1. Gunshot501

    Gaming Gaming Group

    Hi all. I am I youtuber who was big in my mind (1k subs) then lost a bunch and want to get back into youtube. It would be nice to get a squad going playing different games for funny moments on either PC or XBOX One. If you have discord and are interested let me know by replying with your discord...
  2. MicroMike

    Gaming want to start a group of PC gamers to make funny gaming videos

    I am a relatively new YouTuber I have 80 subscribers and I make some good videos. If you want to see my videos go to YouTube and search MicroMike and I should be the first one to pop up if not well i am the one with 80 subs. Anyway I am looking for people to collab with on the pc. I want to make...
  3. Gingeplayscs

    Gaming pc group wanted

    hi guys !! i am a small youtuber that wants to help others and grow myself i want to gather a group of 4-5 people to start making funny moments taking the p**s out of each other (as a joke) and just being good friends that post new vids together that will entertain a wide variate of people...
  4. Sam Arnold

    Vlog Group of vloggers collaborating!

    So i am looking for vloggers in the UK, we are going to make a group of us and do some cool stuff. Got to be adventures! Will plan on going out as a group, whether it's a meal, days out kyaking, paintballing, shooting, cinema etc. Could be anything and everything.
  5. SimpleUnboxingTV

    Let's talk about views!

    Hello fellow Youtubers! :happy: For some time now I have been trying to figure out a good way to gather people to actually have a look at my channel/content! I've been trying to spread my videos in facebook groups, sadly most of the time you get hit by that "SUB4SUB" and as most of us know...
  6. ItzSavage

    Gaming Need A Group Of Friends Like - VanossGaming, Robust N Others!

    So I've recently deleted my old youtube channel, which had 450+ subscribers on it , and Most of my friends are Call of Duty Competitors, so they don't like fun or funny stuff. I'm looking for new friends that would love to participate in doing funny things, also the fact that I make Funny...
  7. bloodmoney207

    Gaming looking to do a collab video or put together a group

    hello blood money here im making this post to see if enyone would like to make a collab video sometime of if so partner up in the youtube game i just recently started up a gaming channel up on youtube i try to upload everyday if you have a ps4/xboxone/pc its all good im all set of course you...
  8. Christian Hartman

    Gaming Creating a long-term PC YouTube Group

    Who am I? My name is Christian, and I run SaveGame Productions. Who is SaveGame, We are a group of only 3. We started this because we play so many video games, We thought that we should record us playing them and make a YouTube Channel. Thus SaveGame Productions was born. It started off simple...